World Hepatitis Day July 28: Hep Can't Wait-->Lets raise awareness as a community!

Hi all-
Next Wednesday July 28 is World Hepatitis Day!
It’s time for us, as people living with viral hepatitis, to amplify the message that Hepatitis Can’t Wait!
We need decision makers around the world to care about our lives and prioritize hepatitis services and support.

Check out the great resources on
@jessicah also posted some great information about the campaign. World Hepatitis Day - July 28 - Learning resources - Hep B Community

It would be amazing if a number of forum members want to make a collage of pictures like this with our faces. What has made advocacy successful in cancer, HIV, rare diseases is personalizing it so people see that they effect real people.

If you are interested, post a photo here of yourself pointing to your watch or a clock!! Or ping me with it! We will add the stickers on it and while your face will be on it, no names will be shared.

Let’s show the world what an amazing hep B community we are. Lets give hope to those living with heptatitis B and get some much needed attention to this very neglected disease!



This is a great initiative @Suwang88 I will be sharing this within my office circle from tomorrow.Thank you!

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Great!! Let me know if any questions! If you tag the World Hepatitis Alliance or me, we can help share it!