Advocacy or help for people with Hep B in Nigeria

Good day all, I wonder if there is any outfit in Africa precisely Nigeria that is responsible for people living with hepatitis within the country.
If there is please I wish to know because hepatitis awareness in this part of the world is not available whereas large numbers of the nation is living with this virus.
Thank you.

Dear @Francis,

In situations like this, I like to go to the World Hepatitis Alliance’s website and look for members. There are a long list of groups based in Nigeria here. Please check them out and see if any suit your needs.


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Hi @Francis

I work at the World Hepatitis Alliance and just want to echo Thomas’ comment. We have 25 member organisations in Nigeria and I would be very happy to help connect you to any of them.


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Hi @ Jessica,
Many thanks for your response. I will appreciate if you can link up with any functional group in Lagos Nigeria.
Thank you once again.

I will be glad as well


Groups I would recommend that you reach out to in Lagos are below.

Livewell Initiative -

Seham Health Care Foundation -

Let me know if I can be of anymore help.


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