INTRODUCTION THREAD: People affected by Hep B

Hi All,

My name is Lim 41 year-old, I am from Malaysia and have lived with Hepatitis B since I was kid.
Every year I just do a liver function test and ultrasound scan.

I did not know I should test HBV DNA until last year, so I did my first ever HBV DNA test last Dec, it was 47,100 IU/ml and it is first time I visit a gastroenterologist.
However, my ALT 23 U/L and AST 22 U/L on the same report. So no antiviral for now.

Then I started to exercise 3 months ago by running 2-4km every 2 days.
My latest ALT become 39 U/L and AST become 29 U/L. No test on HBV DNA.

Actually, I don’t even know there is a antiviral for HBV after being a HBV carrier for years.

It has been hard for me since I knew my HBV DNA test result.
Sometime hopeless sometime not. Sigh

Hi @sslim,
Thanks for sharing. Dealing with this disease can be challenging at times. I think it is normal with you feeling alright at times and not at other times. It can sometimes feel like a lonely place and journey. Keep up doing what makes you feel good and positive. If your viral load continues to remain this high, have a conversation with your provider to see whether getting on treatment will be an option for you. Even though your liver function tests looks great, damage can still be done to your liver due to the high viral load.

You are not alone, keep your head up and take it one day at a time. I know it is easier said than done but at least we can try, right? Best, Bansah1.


This is very progressive for Uganda. Wondering about Kenya. Don’t we have such organizations?

Which organisation is in uganda? Am in this same uganda but cannot get help.

Dear @Opa and @CNN,

Whenever I look for support organizations, I look at the world hepatitis alliance website (particularly their member search page: I encourage you to use this site to help find local supporters.

Hope this helps,

Possibly this one:

Thank you @ThomasTu It’s a shame Kenya is not on the list… @Gipsy kindly share her details with me here.Thank you :pray:

Hello @pfinkbeiner , Hello, First of all note that I am not a doctor and I’m only sharing my story as I feel you can learn from it. I tested positive for hepatitis B on the 26th of February this year(2024).

I did a lot of research and I concluded that I shouldn’t take any medication since I was still in the acute stage despite the fact that my doctor prescribed a medication for me and I even bought the medication them but finally choose not to take them as my blood work showed a viral load of 183,
HBeAb positive and
HBeAg negative.

I did another good test on the 18th of may and HBsAg came out negative. My symptoms started on the 1st of February, and I got cured on the 18th of May, so it took about 14weeks.

I suggest you do a blood test now to confirm, HBsAg might be gone already. Good luck.