Hepatitis B in Nigeria: discussion thread

@ThomasTu,it’s really sad to know that Johnpaul’s condition is at this stage of a liver transplant. I just spoke with him and according to him, his consultant hepatologist is certain he needs a transplant. This procedure is a very expensive one and would have to be done outside Nigeria.
What can we do to help our brother get back on his feet again. He can hardly sleep as he said and its very worrying.
@Janefrancis, and other Nigerians who are on this platform, I’d like for us to all connect. @ThomasTu would be kind enough to avail us a sub-space here. We need to step-up our collective efforts to addressing hepatitis B in Nigeria. 20million is no joke and together, we can mount pressure on our government to care about our health. Thanks.

Prince O Okinedo
Founder/Team Lead
Hepatitis B Advocacy Initiative Nig.


Hi @Prince_Okinedo,

Thanks for this update and glad that you’ve been in touch with John Paul and sorry to hear about his condition.

I am happy to have a dedicated thread to Nigeria (shifted this post to it), and expand to a sub-forum if it increases in use.



It’s really sad to hear what Johnpaul is currently going through. Traveling out of Nigeria for a liver transplant is no easy task at all, but might be doable.
I’ll call this number here to speak with you to know in details what’s going on with Johnpaul.
What time of the day is good for you?

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Thanks @ThomasTu for this. I had a chat with our brother this evening to reassure him, and to further strengthen his hope of coming out of this.

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Thanks Dr. @Janefrancis . I and a friend in the U.S through the Hepatitis B Foundation are trying to eßalate John’s situation the the federal government. We are hoping for the best.
I’ll be expecting your call anytime from 9:00 a.m tomorrow.

I’ll call you right away
Thank you


If someone had told me I would receive the help I am seeing here from this platform, I would have
I’m tearfully appreciative of it. May you be blessed one by one for this. Though I was fed up with life and everything, but the hope you bear rubbed off. Thank you all


@Johnpaul_Ezeike , we are glad your hope has rekindled. As I will always say, the virus does not define who we are. We are all praying for you and hoping for the best as we rally support. Please, continue to keep strong. We’ll keep reaching out to you.
Please, again, I’d like ALL from Nigeria to kindly reach me on +2347066233745. There is need for us to all keep in touch as we collectively mount pressure on our government. Together, we can win this war.


Is this your contact WhatsApp?


Prince O Okinedo
Team Lead
Hepatitis B Advocacy Initiative

I think those of us in Nigeria hep B should form a very strong forum to help ourselves in this regards. I wish Johnpaul a quick recovery.

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Thanks @Bolad. I had earlier put out this call or all persons living with HBV on this platform. There’s now a WhatsApp group. Send me a message on +2347066233745.

With a heavy heart that I announce the passing of Johnpaul. He couldn’t make it through. His last days were