Everyone loves pets!

Hi all,

I thought it has gotten a bit too serious in the forum and wanted to start a thread on pets!

I wanted to introduce you to my 3 year old greyhound Wil. He’s a rescue from the racing industry, but has been with us just over a year now. He enjoys zooming around for 2 minutes, then napping on the couch the rest of the time.

Would love to see your pets!



Here’s Benji…


This is Lucky. He sleeps all day while kids are in virtual school


Hi Thomas, how wonderful you adopted a greyhound. There’s a greyhound rescue organization in Doylestown so we see lots of these gentle dogs around town. Thanks for starting this thread. Love dogs!! Always, Joan

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OMG Benji and Lucky are adorable dogs! We had a wonderful brown cockapoo, Snickers, for 12 years before he left us for an eternal world of treats and runs. But now we get the “babysit” our daughter’s cockapoo - Phil - who looks almost exactly like Lucky!! I uploaded Phil today and one from when he was 3 months old.


Loving all the pics of our pets… here’s Mya, my 9.5 month old mini daschund…


Wow! @Joan_Block. Phil and lucky could be brothers. Lol. Lucky is a bishonpoo.

@peteshine_7, I grew up with a daschund. Her color is really pretty

Here’s Sammie. He’s a total goofball.

John Tavis


Hi John, can you post a photo of Sammie? For some reason just a link appeared. Can’t wait to see him. Say hi to Bunny for me, too!! Ha, ha … always, Joan

I just edited the post to make it display properly, now everyone can immediately appreciate Sammie and his glory!


Thanks Thomas — and John, what kind of dog is Sammie? Looks like a poodle? And oh my goodness, what was he digging just before you took this photo? He looks pretty happy with his muddy paws. Ha, ha … always, Joan

Sammie is a Bichon Frise, but despite what the breeder said, he’s clearly got a bunch of Corgi in his background. Mud, dirt, and stickers from bushes have a fascinating affinity for his fur!

Sammie’s picture appeared in my view on the Forum, but here’s another view of the furry trouble maker.

“Bunny” says Hi.



Oh a bichon frise, what a beautiful dog. Yet, for being a little dog, Sammie makes quite a big mess! Looks like he’s been “unstuffing” his bed?!! Thanks for sharing an extra cute photo of him.
Always, Joan

No cats so far but I have one)
Her name is Zoe


Beautiful cat!! Is it a siamese cat? Look so luxe against the wall paper … thanks for sharing :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Close. It is Burmese

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Hi TM what’s your cat’s name? Beautiful eyes, and love how he or she is burrowed into something?? Thanks for sharing the photo! Joan

Hi Joan,

Cleo is her name. She was burrowing into the bed sheet.

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This is Bernie. He is an eager, indiscriminate eater😋

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