Happy new year: bringing in 2022

Dear all,

I wish you all a happy new year. I really appreciate you all for your contributions to this community. I look forward to continuing to provide help to people with hep B through connection, support, and education (we’ve got some exciting new ideas to implement!). This forum is really rewarding because you are all using it. So thank you!

Perhaps we can all post our New year’s eve plans here. We are just having a quiet one in to comfort our dog Will (See: Everyone loves pets!), as we’re expecting extensive fireworks close to us. How about you?


We celebrated NYE in the city and hoping to holiday in Qld with our kids in the next few days.

Thomas and health experts, thank you for all the support, sharing your knowledge and all the time and effort you put into running this page. It helped me a lot when I was first diagnosed and it continues to do so daily.

Wishing you and everyone here a happy holiday season and all the best for the new year.



Happy new year everyone!! May your hearts and tummies be full. Wishing you much hope, peace, love and joy in 2022! Thanks for your time, comments, and encouragements. My family and I are counting down the new year (23 minutes to go) at home. So far the only one who won’t make it is our sleeping pug.


Thank you Thomas for running this community and all the @HealthExperts for their time, effort and expertise and all of us community members for contributing by sharing, caring and supporting each other in our common cause.

May this next year bring us some much needed renewal and hope!



Thank you Thomas & a Very happy New Year 2022 to everyone reading this . My wife & I are self quarantined at home due to the Omicron virus and also the impending rains & floods that had strucked very badly this time ( we stay in malaysia )
I am a Hep B carrier ( & all my 4 siblings as well) Been diagnosed with Hep B 20 years ago when I wanted to donate blood Since then been treated by a gastroenterologist since then .
Thank you for the effort support time running this newsletter sharing your knowledge Much appreciated


Thanks Thomas for the lovely NY message! My husband Tim and I cancelled our NYE plans because of Omicron, so enjoyed a quiet evening in and a good long sleep this morning. Delightful! But like others have said, we truly hope that we turn the corner on this pandemic in 2022. Who would’ve ever thought that the word “endemic” would be music to our ears. But yes, we all are praying that this pandemic just becomes background noise like the typical flu and common cold. With that said, hope everyone’s NY’s resolutions are followed through successfully this year! Always, Joan


Happy New Years. Thanks Thomas and Joan_Block for all your contributions. This forum reminds me I am not alone and there are people who are like me, with hepatitis b.

I use to feel so alone and a downward spiral when I thought about my hepatitis b. Now I don’t feel alone and have a venue when it comes to my hepatitis b.


Happy new year everybody.