What are you grateful/thankful/appreciative of or what keeps driving you forward?

Hi everyone,
Happy World Hepatitis Day to you all. I wanted to do something different today. I have been thinking this whole day about something to share with you all. This is what I decided on, to ask everyone to share what they are either thankful/grateful/appreciative of or share what drives them forward or keeps them going no matter the circumstances?

For me; I am grateful and thankful for my life, that of my family and friends. I am appreciative of all the relationships and connections I have built/developed through the hepatitis B community with others, and the opportunities I have gotten as a patient advocate and #justB storyteller. I do struggle physically due to chronic fatigue and muscular pains, but over the years I have learned to be thankful and remain optimistic no matter what the challenges are. Not easy to do, but I think having such an attitude has served me well positively.

I am a fighter, resilient and very stubborn; I don’t give up easily that I can tell you. My faith and life experiences have also served me well whenever things got tough. I enjoy and celebrate the small victories more and never take anything for granted. Being a fighter, resilient, very stubborn, an optimist and not relenting easily is what drives me forward or keeps me going. What about you? Feel free to share. Thanks, Bansah1


Thanks @Bansah1 for sharing such positive thoughts and pushing again how we should be on the look-out for things that are working well for ourselves. Taking stock of these instances is key to living a happy life. I think I previously mentioned this in other threads: e.g, Daily gratitude thread .