Daily gratitude thread

Based on @CGNepal’s most recent post (Deciding when to start treatment - #260 by CGNepal), I thought we could actively promote positive-thinking in the forum. I remember one piece of advice for a happy life: express gratitude. I would like to dedicate this thread for everyone to voice what they are thankful for today.

Today I am thankful that I get to see the positive impact that my actions are having on the affected community every day. I am proud of my work and am happy to spend each day dedicated to it.

Please feel free to respond with your own gratitude for the day.


Yes that’s what I carry on with me day to day in life, I live in constant fear because of Hep B, But I try my best to live life happily I don’t get mad at things easily now cause I know it’s gonna hurt my liver system
I try make people around me be more grateful just being alive and healthy.


Thank you for promoting positive-thinking, it’s an wonderful idea!

Today I am thankful for being able to work and and that the little surgery is healing well and I have less pain.


Thanks for the thread…
I am happy to belong to this group and to learn from others. Particularly, I see my worries are just like any other person here.

I am also happy I have a supportive wife and fairly good health care to manage my condition.
Cheers to us all


Today I’m grateful to see this gratitude thread as I’ve started my gratitude journal for over a year and it’s re-balanced a healthier outlook and approach in life.

Wanted to add that daily or weekly gratitude writing is a real way to reprogram your brain.This is a cute video from science focused Youtube Channel ‘Kurzegesagt’ that some of you may find helpful.

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