Viral Hepatitis: improving lives through medical research - an interactive panel discussion (29th July, free registration)

Dear all,

As part of World Hepatitis Day and in my other role as President of the Australian Centre for Hepatitis Virology, we’re running a free online interactive panel discussion on the 29th of July. It is aimed at the general public and particularly those affected by viral hepatitis.

The topic is how medical research has vastly improved the lives of those living with hepatitis within our lifetimes. We’ve got a wonderful, broadly experienced expert panel (a hepatologist, a few scientists, a pathology lab manager, and an epidemiologist) to discuss and answer crowd questions on the night. I’ll be hosting with Dr. Chaturaka Rodrigo, who is a Hep C researcher.

I hope you can all join.

Free registration here: Viral Hepatitis: improving lives with medical research - a panel discussion Tickets, Thu 29/07/2021 at 6:00 pm | Eventbrite

I also encourage you to submit questions ahead of time here: Slido. I will be asking this to the panel during the event. This is so that you’ll get something out of it even if you are unable to make it due to other commitments or time-zone differences. I’ll try to post a recording of this here afterwards.