The relationship between CHBV and Varicose veins

Hello my friends, I’m from Kenya, today is my first day to be with you after I received a notification accepting me to be part of you.

I have been having a problem of swollen lower limbs for 18 years now. Most of the hospital I visited could get the problem.

In 2010, I donated blood n that was the first day I learned of HBV when the results from donations came out. Being that HBV is not much pronounced in my country hence I didn’t get any assistance. I continued living my life but with little knowledge of what HBV really is and it’s effect in my life.

My legs became worse in 2016 but I got treated with traditionally with herbs. From the treatment, I got relief from pain for about 5years without taking any medication even a pain reliever.

Early this year, my legs started swelling again so I went back to the nearby hospital. Alot of diagnosis were done and HBV test was amongst them. My Hbsag came out positive, Alt 78 and AST 50. I further did a viral load that gave results as follows
HBV -DNA 2.234 and 174Iu/ml and a HbeAg negative. I was placed on therapy ( Tenofovir Lamivudine 300gms tablets. In less than 3 months, I couldn’t stand the impacts of the drugs because I became more sick than I was before starting the therapy and my legs became even worse.

I went back to my doctor who then transfered me to a surgical department where further tests were carried out and a Doppler test said I’m having varicose veins. My lower limbs are forming hard lamps in the superficial which are so painful but don’t form wounds.

Since I couldn’t withstand the sickness caused by HBV therapy, I decided to stop.

Please kindly advise me

What is the relationship between CHBV and Varicose veins

Why was I having Such serious effects with the drugs and what can I do @ThomasTu kindly help me

@Vera pole sana for the pain. I am from Kenya too. And it’s true…very little awareness around about CHBV. I have found this group very useful. I will let the experts deal with the substance of your questions. Your DNA Viral load was 2.234 or 2234 over 2000?

Hello dear, it was 2.234 that’s how it’s indicated on the lab results

Dear @Vera ,

Sorry to hear about your experiences, it must be very hard. As mentioned in the other thread, try to alter how you take the antivirals so that you can control the virus. The antiviral medications can take months to have an effect.

The varicose veins also has already started before you took the antivirals, but everything may have worsened just as your body was under stress from the infection.


Also, if you do take herbal medicines, it is best to inform your doctor just to check that they are not interacting with any other medications that you’re prescribed.


Thanks so much @ Thomas, as I said in my post, the effects of the anti viral on me were so severe that I had to discontinue coz I stay alone and feared for my life mostly at night. I only took Tenofovir Lamivudine 300gms for 1 month since I stopped its 3 months. The experience I encountered when I was using the drugs are nolonger there though I’m still battling with the varicose veins which must be ablated next year.

For the herbs, I was treated with in 2016 after which I stayed for 5 years without any pain in my legs.Generally, I’m a very healthy young woman without other complications apart from my legs.

My worry is what are the effects of discontinuing the anti viral and what are my chances should I become a candidate of them in future.

I’m supposed to see my doctor next year coz for now he has gone for a leave, to re-do some tests on my liver n Hepatitis again to find out what’s the way forward.


Hi Vera,

These antivirals remain active even if you have discontinued them in the past, so there should be no issue there. Particularly if you are not taking antivirals, you should make sure that your newborn is provided with HBV vaccination and HBIG as soon as possible after birth to prevent any transmission.

Thanks so much @Thomas Tu for shading light on this. I’m having an appointment with my doctor next year to exhaust more on HBV and how I can take care of my liver. Any new development I’ll still post here for further deliberations for me and others here to get greater insight.



Just a quick one doctor, how long can the antiviral drugs remain active in the body? In my case, I only took about 40 tablets of Tenofovir Lamivudine 300gms. It’s been more than 3 months since I stopped for how long can the dosage I took remain active, and since they are active, are they still protecting my liver?

I just think I was born positive though not so sure. My assumption is that when I was born, there was no HBV vaccine in Kenya thus less protection yet highly exposed. This infection is as well less known in my country and knowledge of it isn’t as pronounced as HIV. My question is, how long can someone stay with the virus without experiencing any symptoms? I’m 33 now and I don’t have any signs of the disease. Kindly advise.

Hi @vera,

The antivirals don’t really last a long time in the body and are quickly excreted. That’s why you need to take them daily. It is not likely that they are still active in your body.

People can be infected with Hepatitis B for many decades without experiencing physical symptoms. I myself am 36 and have never felt any physical symptoms from the infection (and hopefully never will). Many people find out for the first time they have Hepatitis B when their liver is failing or they have liver cancer, so it is this silent disease.


Thanks so much @ThomasTu for the explanation.

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Hello @ThomasTu , hope you are doing well? Please help me… What are the recommended painkillers for hbv patients? There are times i experience alot of pain in my entire body, being that I’m also a victim of varicose veins :disappointed_relieved:

Hi @vera,

Please see the following thread for the discussion on this: Hepatitis B and painkillers


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Thanks so much @ThomasTu

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