The recent passing of Kinoti

It is with great sadness that i announce the passing of our friend Mr. Kinoti. He passed away on 10th/February 2024.

After my diagnosis i luckily found this forum, i saw that the deceased was a great contributer here offering support to so many.

I reached out to him & he was a great pillar of strength for me.

Those who are in Kenya or wish to attend his burial, i will communicate the date once im updated by the family.

Let’s continue taking our medicine & hoping for the best.

God bless you.

Hi @Kenyan,
I am saddened by this news. He was an active member of this community. He touched many lives on here. My condolence to his family especially his young daughter. He was concerned about his daughter as any parent would. This is wrong and it can’t keep happening. Something needs changing and soon. So many young lives can be saved. People should not be dying from this disease in 2024. May his soul rest in peace. Bansah1.

That’s so sad. That you for letting us know.
Blessings and peace to his family.

I tried getting the US company to get a
New treatment for him. Not successful . It’s an Immunotherapy that’s known to be successful in treatment on metastatic Lung cancer for people with HCC.

We have the local foundation called copay relief for HCC unfortunately, it’s limited to people living in the US. I hope the UN will get involved to help developing country to request for these new drugs to save lives.

I shall share merits with Kinoti.


I am so sad to hear about this news, @Kenyan, but thank you for keeping this community up to date. @Kinoti had been such a dedicated contributor to and had helped many people here understand their condition, as well as supporting them through their struggles.

I’m sure I join many in mourning his loss to the world and send my sincere condolences to his community and family.



R.I.P @Kinoti may your soul rest in peace.

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Rest In Peace. I hope that his family and friends well for their loss

Rip bro. Thanks you fought it to the last nail but God decided that way

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I have been away for a while and I’m saddened to see that Kinoti has passed away. I feel deeply sad right now. I remember all his words about a day like this, how he will miss his children whome he is fond of. Rest on brother.

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