Reason for enlarged liver?

Hello Tom,

Please here’s a concerning case.

I have been Diagnosed of HBV for over 9 years now, was not placed on treatment cos my Gastro examined me and stated that i had a dormant type…

However, i have previously taken livoline forte and other sorts of supplements.

I was a heavy alcohol drinker up until Oct. 2023, i was diagnosed of fatty liver with my LFT result indicating elevated enzymes…

I was placed on treatment and lifestyle changes to clear the fats in my liver and this was a course for over 8 months…

Then, went for a test recently,… in August 2023… was told LFT was fine and scan indicated normal sized liver without any fat infiltration…

I was relieved,… then, this November… went for a scan to ascertain the status of my liver again in another facility,… was told there was no fat deposit, however liver was slightly enlarged… measuring about 17.3cm

Travelled for an event in another city this December, went to a facility there and was told that the liver is measuring 18.41cm (result attached)

My worry is, the recent LFT showed no sign of enzymes elevation and scan did not spot any fat but liver remains enlarged…

I have resorted to drinking blended/boiled Tamarind, Garlic, Ginger, tumeric, Lemon and Lemon grass tea…

I eat cashew nuts a lot and i take Greek yogurt a lot… could these be the reason for the enlarged size of my liver? Is it something of great concern?

Attached are my lab/scan results:

Hello @Christianc2
I can only quickly answer your question on cashew nuts and Greek yogurt. I eat lots of them too and don’t have an enlarged liver.
Someone else will be with you soon. May have a clue.

Hi @Christianc2,

Thanks for sharing your story and asking these questions. As mentioned in other threads (Lifestyle changes, nutrition, and supplements for hep b) some supplements and herbal medicines (or other ingredients that are contained within them) can harm the liver and there is no evidence that they help to any clinically relevant degree. It might be worth seeing if abstaining from these can improve your status.

Otherwise, this really requires your doctor to do differential diagnosis and physical examinations to figure out what might be the cause of the hepatomegaly.


Many thanks for your responses

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