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Dear all
Please help me with some information or some trusted links on previous posts about nutrition? E.g what to eat and what to avoid for us who are living with hepatitis b virus and are on medication? I have tried to find this information on the forum but haven’t found it, except posts about fasting. I stopped drinking alcohol, I try to avoid fast food. Please advise what I should definitely keep away from. I am also trying to gain some weight after losing about 5-7 kgs, I am weighing only 50 kgs and I look very thin and very pale :frowning:

Really appreciate it

Hi @Vio,
To answer your question, there is no special diet for people with hepatitis B. So the same recommendation apply here, eat healthy, exercise, get enough rest, avoid alcohol, fatty and highly processed foods, and avoid stress. It is good to hear that you have already stopped drinking alcohol, because that can really speed up the damage to the liver. Dark coffee has also shown to be helpful for the liver. I hope this helps, Bansah1.

Note: The topic you looking for is here:
Lifestyle changes, nutrition, and supplements for hep b


Hello @Vio

May I ask why you are losing weight?
Are you seeing a doctor? I’m concerned you are losing weight and don’t weigh much.
As @Bansah1 has said, it’s not a strict diet. Mediterranean diet is good. If you want to follow.


Hi all,

I also have never heard of a “special diet” for HBV+ people. The general healthy eating advice applies. Basically, eat a well-balanced diet with enough protein (meat, fish, beans, tofu, etc), fresh vegetables and fruit, and whole-grain breads and cereals. Limit alcohol, highly processed foods and sugars, and excessive fat intake (particularly saturated fats). I recommend letting your body tell you what is good for it. If something makes you feel ill–then skip it! Making sure you get enough iron in your diet (typically red meat, but there are other sources) may help with being too pale if that is due to anemia (ie, low red blood cells).

I wish you well.


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@Bansah1 many thanks for your insights and help, it’s great to hear that there is no specific diet one has to worry about but following a balanced diet and trying to keep healthy. Thanks for the link for more resources, and thank you for your time

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Thank you for sharing so help, appropriate it

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@Caraline, I lost a lot of weight suddenly and strangely quite quick without getting ill or having serious symptoms but I immediately started feeling unwell so the doctor checked me and my liver numbers were very high and virus started activiting so 3 weeks ago Doctors started me on medication which is helping, I stoped losing weight but haven’t gained much weight yet

Thank you for your support and advice

Hi, Bright.
So I’m going in for an endoscopy on Wednesday. They slide a scope down my esophagus, into my stomach and small bowel…all I’ve been told is they look for anomalies and “things” that don’t belong along the walls, etc.
I’m always looking forward to new tests in hopes of just getting good news…then in the last 48 hrs I tend to get a little anxious.
You always check in with me so thought I’d share this with you.

Don’t mention it. We are all here to help and support each other through this process. Bansah1

Hi Denny,
Thanks for the message. I hope all goes well and they don’t find anything. It’s always the fear of not knowing what could be found that makes us anxious which is normal. Keep me posted on how it goes. Usually it’s quick and you might not remember much but your throat will remind you afterwards. Best of luck, Bansah1.

Hey @Denny
I hope it all goes well.
I’m having the same investigations on June 4,
I’ve had them before and I don’t remember having a sore throat after@banish, hopefully you won’t either.
I don’t get results till 26😞
Keep us informed.

Hi,if you are loosing weight and you are sure your viral loads is low,LFT is okay.then I think there is notting to worry about but if otherwise try and check with your doctor.let me share a personal experience when I first started using antiviral drug I started with tenofovir but I had terrible side effect I was hospitalized,doctor had to switch me to entecavir. Have been taking entecavir for more than a year now and am fine.though when I started taking it I lost lot of weight that was the major side effects I have but I kept pushing it.I take a walk in the morning for like 25min when ever am off work at least 3to 4 times a week,I rest well and and eat healthy…Now am back to normal with my weight. Sorry for the long story but I think this help

@Dell thank you for sharing your story, it’s not long- such stories help really, i will continue watching out and see if I gain the weight back, I wish you all the best too and keep in touch! Thinking about you all all of here.


Thanks for letting me know! And will do…

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@Vio @Dell

Interesting side effect. After being on Tenofir for a few years I developed kidney infection and bone density. Immediately switched to Entercavir and Prolia injections. (For bone loss)
Above side effects were meant to be rare!
Excuse the misspelling :face_with_monocle:
I’m not a doctor and don’t want to worry you but if it’s convenient maybe see if you can switch to Entercavir. Seems to be less side effects.
I’m just stating my experience.

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Endoscopy went well. No swollen veins except for 3 small ones in my stomach so on 20mg Dadolol to keep them from getting worse.
Just letting you know cuz you asked. Thought about a few of you while I waited for the procedure…nice to have some understanding friends in the same boat.

Glad to hear it went well. You got your results quick. I have to wait 2 weeks.
It is nice having others in the same boat!
I don’t feel so alone in my illness. :blush:

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I wish I’d known about this site/group over the bad 8mos but glad I found it and can relate a little better to people going through that now.
Have a great day!