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Just today, Nature Outlooks (a supplement to Nature magazine, one of the biggest and most prestigious journals in scientific research) has published an entire issue centred on Hepatitis B - Hepatitis B

This is huge recognition for the field! It has some great, easy-to-read articles on what’s happening with Hep B research around the world and the impacts that the disease has on the world.

I was lucky enough to be interviewed in a couple of the articles and was really glad that they mentioned

Closing in on a cure for hepatitis B
Destigmatizing hepatitis B

It was also great that some of the experts on this forum were also featured heavily in many of these articles, including @Suwang88, @CFreeland, @john.tavis, @jessica.howell. Well done all!



The Nature Outlook collection is really good. Thomas was featured in a number of articles, and he did a great job conveying both personal and scientific perspectives! His dedication to HBV patients and cure research is highly admirable.

I’m also really pleased that the International Coalition to Eliminate HBV (ICE-HBV) was prominently featured in the collection. ICE-HBV is an association of prominent HBV researchers (including Thomas!) dedicated to charting a science-driven path to an HBV cure, and to ensuring that it is affordable world wide. ICE-HBV’s website is for those interested in taking a look.



Thomas, thank you for sharing! This is great piece of information. I would like to translate it in Russian and publish in CIS as a support for non-English speakers. Any chance you know someone in Nature Outlooks whom I should contact to get permission?

Dear @OlgaP,

I think that it would be great to get more information about Hep B to more people. I can ask around about this and will keep you informed.


@OlgaP: just to follow up, I got the following Email from Nature Outlooks:

This article may of course be translated, but they will have to gain permission to do so.

To obtain your permission to translate the article, please access the following URL:

At the end of the article page you will find the ‘Reprints and Permissions’ link; clicking on this will redirect you to our CCC RightsLink service where you may input the details of your request.

During the process, you will need to set up an account with RightsLink. You will be able to use your RightsLink account in the future to request permissions from Springer Nature and from other participating publishers. When your permission has been granted, RightsLink will also email you confirmation of your order including a link to your printable licence.

I hope you will find RightsLink a quick and efficient way of obtaining permissions, however if you encounter issues with your RightsLink account, please contact

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