HBsAg-negative health outcomes and help

I have Question. What is healthy opportunities for people who Hepatitis B surface antgent negative?

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Dear @shaibu,

Thanks for the question. I think there’s not much to offer people without HBsAg. If there is already fibrosis/cirrhosis or there is family history of liver cancer, then there might be ongoing monitoring for liver disease progression or HCC via fibroscan or ultrasound.

In terms of treatments, the HBs-negative state is the goal, so after that there is nothing else to give.


Dear Shaibu,
I think there are 2 aspects we need to consider.
First, you needn’t worry about HBV-related liver disease if you have never had HBV virus infection. But there are more reasons which can affect liver function, for example, heavy alcohol drinking, obesity caused by high-sugar, high-fat diet, other viruses (HCV), drug abuse, and Inherited metabolic liver disease. You needn’t worry about your liver if you don’t have these reasons.
The second aspect, If you had HBV virus infection before, but now HBsAg negative, it is better for you to test HBcrAg and HBV RNA to confirm whether the HBV virus is still in your liver.

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Thanks you very much for the answer infact I living with HBV but for five years now my viral load shift from 55 million virus to 2000 thousands thus condition can give me hope, while I don’t drink alcohol ,cigarettes and even some food. There is possibility of virus to increase or can be eliminated with my natural immune?

Dear @Shaibu,

Your viral load can go up and down, so it is not guaranteed that the virus can stay down. You can help it go down with antiviral treatment.