Medications and viral load

Can certain medications increase Hep B viral load? Daily I take Adderal, Wellbutrin and Minocycline 200 mg oral antibiotic to control Rosacea. I don’t take any supplements, vitamins or Ibuprofen, tylenol or aspirin ever. I also do not drink alcohol or smoke. The reason I am asking is because in 12 months time my viral load had doubled.

Dear @Mercy8,

There are no data suggest that any of these medications will affect HBV activity.

HBV DNA can fluctuate over time, a 2-fold change is not really clinically significant.

I assume you are not taking antiviral medication currently?

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Thank you so much for your response. I didn’t really think any medications could increase viral load, I just wanted to be sure.

No I am not on any viral medication for my Hep B and never have been.

It was just a shock to me that it had doubled as I am almost 52, found out at 19 when I was pregnant with my first child, and in all these years my viral load has remained the same and never increased.

Someday I will share my story. Thanks again!


Waww its encouraging to know that you have survived with hbv for this long. It had much hopes in me cause I had become hopless and frustrated to continue chasing my long term plans since I knew my life was shortened ever since my diagnosis.
Kindly if I could ask, what lifestyle changes did you adopt and have you ever used food supplements and if yes, which one.
Thanks waiting for your kind response

Dear @Opa,

We have many people on the forum who live close to normal lives while being HBV-positive. Also this previous post might be helpful:


It’s a good evening here in uganda and my warm greetings to all beloved friends and family in this forum. Am a Ugandan but this virus has really hit me hard not only physically but with sought of if I really have a good reason to believe that I have many years to see my own projects grow and above all my newly born baby.
This all comes to sought after failing to attain proper medical attention in regards to my hbv since all the physicians I approach seem to have no knowledge about it.
I have for instance taken my viral load test twice ever since I received the diagnosis last year in June but upto now am told the results are not yet out because the testing machine in the country broke down (not functioning) since in Uganda we only have one.
My question is where this puts many of has who have the virus. My kind request is to any member within the group and a Ugandan to help explain where I can honestly get better services in regards to this diagnosis and probably a good liver specialist. This at times makes me think am the only Ugandan going through this.
Any input to this is highly appreciated. Am really undergoing to much pain all over my shoulder, back and stomach with no health help.
All that I get is, " u will be fine some day " yet am dying of terrible pains and sought.

Dear @Opa,

I can tell you with certainty that you are not the only Ugandan going through this. Regarding help, there are several foundations listed here: Member listings - World Hepatitis Alliance.

One in particular is started by @Kabagambe called the National Organization for People Living with Hepatitis B (NOPLHB, They may be able to help you through this.