Life expectancy Hiv vs Hepattiis B?


It said that people with HIV has a similar life expectancy as a HIV-negative Person.

Is this the same rule for people with Hepatitis B if providing they are diagnosed in good time (1-5 years after they got it), and have good access to medical care, and are able to get HBV treatment.

I know that HBV and HIV is not the same thing, and some got it while at birth and other laters in life.

But if you get diagnosed early with no complications what so ever, what would the Life expectancy from HBV be alone? without any other sickness happening or random death.


Dear @nick0912,

Most people who have hep B and under appropriate monitoring/care can live close to normal lifespans. There have been a few studies showing this e.g, Model of Life Expectancy of Chronic Hepatitis B Carriers in an Endemic Region - PMC