INTRODUCTION THREAD: People affected by Hep B

Not yet on treatment. New complications keep on emerging every now and then. Feeling body itching, my abdomen not comfortable with what seems like water sounds and feeling like vomiting.
Am real scared coz my dr seems not bothered at all. Am within Uganda could anyone please help to connect me to the best liver doctors within the country?

Dear @nick0912,
If you have cleared the infection within 6 months (the definition of an acute infection), then it is unlikely that you will have ongoing sickness from it. You will need to have the test to see if it 1) is a HBV infection at all; and 2) to see if it is a chronic infection.

Dear @opa, I think @Kabagambe is from Uganda. Other places to ask would include these groups:

Hope this helps,

Hello Thomas.

Thanks again for reply.
Yes, I know. I have talked with my doctor and they will try to make a time for me within the next 2 weeks… Anyway at this point in time we are not even at the 5 months yet… The only date I could be inficted was 12 April, so that means 5 months is 12 Sep, and 6 months is 12 Okt… so a little time left yet… I have now been sick for almost 3 weeks. on and off. I have some Liver pain and loss of appetite + heavy fatigue and joint pain, but joint pain is gone now.

Anyway I dont want to jinx tings, But I will feel that im getting better and better each day, I eat alot more food today than I used to, and I even took some food now before bed time. So I hope what ever this is that I wil clear it. But if the things dont turn out that way, I know now that this is not the end of my life. It will go on, and then Im thankful for being in Denmark as medic, scanning and so on are free, I wish that all people could have that :frowning:

Do you know if people can be chronic before the 6 months? I read from the Danish “State Serum Institute” that → The duration of the illness is from a few weeks to several months, but can continue for up to 6 months. Most patients who experience symptoms subsequently become healthy and immune.

Dear @nick,

Great to hear that you are being proactive about it and it sounds like you’re getting the appropriate care that you need.

The definition of a chronic infection is one that lasts more than 6 months, so it really is just part of the definition and you can’t really know. That said, the majority of people who are exposed to Hep B as an adult (~90%) clear the infection (i.e., it is an acute infection), so the probabilities are on your side.

Hope this helps,

Thank you for your time Andrew. I will definitely continue to monitor my results.
Is it possible to live with viral load like mine without any needed therapy like ,healthy person" without any side effects in my 40s, 50s,60s etc.?
I have this virus for several years at the level I gave in previous threads. Could this mean that my body has learned to live with it without damaging me?
Can I do any sports? I prefer strenght training, running and Im overall active

Will symptoms every disappear? Im at almost 5 months and still reliving symtoms, will they ever go away or first when you on treatment? Had Them for 3-4 weeks now.

Dear @BaRt,

Hepatitis B can go through “phases” and can change rapidly. People with low viral load (<2000) and low ALTs can be stable for many years without change or need for medication. However, this can change (as seen by your recent increases) and you need to see if this is an increase that is observed over time as this may require treatment.

Short of decompensated cirrhosis, there is no restriction on exercises due to Hepatitis B.

Hi @nick0912, if this actually is a Hep B infection and it is causing your symptoms, then your symptoms would be expected to disappear if you clear the infection.

Hello @ThomasTu okay, Im getting testet next week, but if symtoms dont go away, Will treatment help with that?? Im really tried and sometimes has liver pain. Aleast i dont have pain in the arms and legs anymore, that is gone.

I was at my 'normal" doctor today and he gave me ibuprofen 600 mg if the pain will be to much, but im only gonna take that as the last thing as I want my liver to have the best way to recovery from this, so more coffe! that seems to work fine sometimes, I drink 3-5 cups some days, and I feel better when I get it.

So sorry for the many post so far.

Thanks again.

@Caraline hi! Yes im seeing lever specialist her in Norway every 6 months with blood test and fibroscan. I will start my treatment, taking entecavir tommorrow. My bloodtest and fibroscan is good but still on high virus load so one specialist I’m seeing advised me to start the treatment as what stated in the guidelines and with regard of my age.

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Sounds like you’re doing all the right things.
Your viral load should come down once you start on medications.
Keep us informed.

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Hi @nick0912,

Treatment may help if the cause is the virus infection, but you need to just wait for the blood results to determine if that is the case. There can be many causes for tiredness and abdominal pain, and the aim of medicine and testing is to narrow the possibilities of what it could be and try to treat those causes.

Painkillers (if taken as directed) are generally safe for people even with liver disease, so you shouldn’t suffer in silence if this is the case.

Hope this helps,

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hello i just want to ast if i can be able to work in japan if i am hepa b reactive?

Hi Nueza,
Welcome to the community! In regard to your question, it is difficult to know unless you contact the Japanese embassy. You could also contact employment agencies in your country of origin as they may have more infromation about this. I have had a quick look at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Website and I cannot find anything regarding whether you are able to work in Japan if you are hep B positive.

So im really sad and frustrated… My heartcare provider wont do any Hep B test on me and only did some reugal blood test first to see if there was a reason to do any hep b test after…

I did blood test 21-06-2023 and now I did more at 13-09-2023

Blood test at : 21-06-2023

[C-reaktivt protein [CRP] - 13
Bilirubiner;P: 9.5
ALAT: 22
[Laktatdehydrogenase [LDH] : 210
[Basisk fosfatase;P] : 89
[Amylase;P] : 48

Blood test at - 13-09-2023

[C-reaktivt protein [CRP] - 1
Bilirubiner;P: 4.8
ALAT: 16
[Laktatdehydrogenase [LDH] : 140
[Basisk fosfatase;P] : 69
[Amylase;P] 55

Is Bilirubiner;P: 4.8 not really low?

But end of the day cause of this blood test my heartcare wont do any Hep B test, but he sent me to a liver ultrasound scanning on the liver this thursday since I said I had upper quadrant pain 3 weeks ago.

So I dont really know what to do… I got it ALOT better, only have some small pain some days, notthing serious now… if I have Hep b, can they see anything on the liver ultrasound scanning? or is that just waste of time…?


Hi @Nueza,

My understanding is that people with Hep B can still work in Japan (@wataru, could you please provide your opinion here?). However, the working visa may be associated with health checks and I am not sure if hep B would be an issue. As Mylisa mentioned, it is worthwhile contacting employment agencies, ask the Japanese embassy, or research more on the visa process.


Dear @nick0912,

I am glad that you’re feeling better, but it sounds frustrating that you are unable to get a test for hep B. A heart doctor might not be the best person to ask for a hep B test, have you tried a general practitioner? Hep B tests can also be provided at sexual health clinics or blood donation services.


Please how can I start managing my health now that I am hb??

Hi @Faprego3030,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for your question. There are many ways to manage your condition:

  1. Monitoring: people with Hep B should have regular monitoring of their liver function (blood test) and sometimes to check liver damage (fibroscan test or blood test). This should be done at least every 6 months or more regularly as your doctor suggests for your condition. If you are prescribed antiviral treatments, take them as directed.

  2. reduce other causes of liver damage: this means limiting alcohol use and eating a healthy diet.

  3. healthy living and maintain a good attitude: Sleep well, exercise well, keep strong relationships (friends, partners, family, colleagues) and stay positive! This helps mentally and is reflected in your physical health.

Hope this helps

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Hello Thomas.

Is sadly not that simple here in Denmark. I have a regular clinics where there is like 10 docters, and is not always the same you get every time, I have been talking with 4 different docters cause I wanted to hear others opinion. Even due I told them all my symtoms and pain, they all saying that my bloodtest is fine and if I had a acute HBV I would have alot higher CRP, LDH and ALAT, so they see no reason to test me for HBV.
Lucky I got one to send me to a ultrasound, but only cause he might think it would be gallenstone? So im going to that Thursday.

Is kinda frustrated… cause I can almost just feel they think im crazy cause I called so many times allready.

And there is not that many sexual health clinics that doing test everyday, is like 60-90 days wait time, but I could sign up for blood donation mabye? then they need to test me for HBV.

Hi @Nueza ,
People with Hep B can still work in Japan regardless of the type of job. I am a Japanese worker with hep b. However, I am not sure about visa and immigration rules if you are asking about them. In my opinion, I do not think that hep b could be an issue in the process of obtaining a work visa. You should ask the Japanese embassy or consulate about it.
I hope this helps.


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