INTRODUCTION THREAD: People affected by Hep B

Wow Denny, you have certainly been through the wars. I was reading about the itching and thinking what medication or causes so much itching, and I didn’t know that Liver would cause that much itching !And for it to be lice oh my gosh. I think you need a long holiday LOL
I have to text as well, can be frustrating at times. I just wanted to say I was thinking of you and hang in there it’ll be a memory soon.@Denny

Thanks for being so sweet.
I had been told the Tenofovir would cause done itching. Once it got really bad I was given meds to make it tolerable…til they ran out of it all over southern Ontario and I got put on a pill instead. But there’s nothing you can take orally for itching caused by lice…lol…I was thrilled when it was finally diagnosed and I evicted them all from my body!

I got your reply on the site AND on my email. That’s cool…no chance of missing your kind replies. So do you have a profile? I’d have to be told how to see it…big event out here today is the eclipse. I’ll watch it on the news so nothing goes awry with my eyesight…lol

Hi, Olga,

I’m a newbie, having been diagnosed less than a year ago and well on my way to being healthy again.
Just to let you know what has been suggested to me for liver care:
No more than 2 grams of salt/day. It took a few months to get a “target” for this from the medical field. Obviously, be careful with processed foods…a hamburger and fries may have over 2x the daily limit and there are no “make up” days.
No alcohol. Careful with sugar intake as I’m told this could adversely affect the kidneys…but go without all sugar and be ready to pass out all the time…
I take protein shakes 2x/day…about 300grams of protein, daily. This helped me get my weight back to where it has been and helps build muscle. Resistance training is what I started with (resistance rubber bands) and have now joined a gym for weight training.
As always, check with a health specialist before taking my word for it but if you hear differently, I’d love to hear back from you so I can question my specialist.
0…this is a virtual hug from Canada…I think we’re all on the short end of intimate contact by the sounds of things…

Hallo guys.
I’m in Ontario, Canada.
I recently tested positive for hepatitis B virus.
I don’t know how long I have been with it.
Currently I’m on the waiting list to see a hepatologist.
It has been a very difficult for me accepting my status.
I know I’m in the right place where I can get appropriate advice and help with the virus.


Welcome @wiki

Sorry if no one has welcomed you. I see you introduced yourself 18 days ago.

It is scary when you are first diagnosed. Do you have any idea how you got it? Most of us don’t know where we got it. I have a rough idea back in 1980. Not sure how though. Doesn’t really change the fact.

Have a read through some of the stories. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.
We have scientists, virologists, lived experience, health professionals, all willing to help make our journey easier.
Have you had any recent blood tests?


I have an appointment with a hepatologist end of May.
After that I’ll have something concrete to talk about.

Hi, Wiki,
What part of Ontario are you in?
Waiting is tough. I’m assuming you’re presenting some symptoms? Whose care are you under until you see a specialist?

Hi again.
I need a tutorial now to read things…someone replied to something I’d written and I can’t get to it to respond…

Hi Denny,
Make sure you are logged in. It wont allow you to respond if your are not logged in. Try it and see. Bansah1

So I can only read them on my mail server? I’ve sent a couple of replies that way and they got posted??
Anyway, I meant to tell you that when I was so dehydrated I would get cramps in my hands that made it look like I had arthritis. And at night I’d get really bad ones in my hamstrings and feet and I’d have to stand up and take a few steps to make them stop. I’ve been taking powdered magnesium since and have not had them again…not everything needs to come over the counter!
Hope you’re doing okay

Hi Denny,
I think it does log you out after a while of inactivity, I will guess.

Cramping is not fan. I will sometimes watch my muscles twitching and that is my indication that I need some electrolyte. Drinking water is good but it doesn’t contain all the extra minerals we need to maintain electrolyte balance. I will get the powdered pack from Costco (a bit pricey $30 or more for the 30 stick pack) or I will buy pediolyte usually for kids and it works.

I am still alive here. You? How is Canada? I hope to take a trip down there one of these days to see Canada our neighbor. Thanks, Bansah1.

If you weren’t up to Ontario it would be nice to meet a “pen pal”. Our house is on the Northshore of Lake Erie so even in my darkest days, I looked out onto the lake and enjoyed the serenity. Glad you’re doing well.
I get my first load test in a couple of weeks. I’m trying not to overdo things physically but feeling so much better makes me forget I’m still on the mend for a bit longer.

Sure, I hope to get to meet some of you guys in person too. It will be cool to put faces to some of the names in the community.

Take it easy and don’t over do it. You are still recovering. I had the flu some weeks ago and it is kicking my behind. I have had long years struggle with chronic fatigue and the flu is making it so hard. I am hoping to get over it soon, if not I will have to go see my primary care provider. I hate feeling sick.

Nice hearing from you as always. Is it still cold in your area? It’s been a bit warmer yesterday and today on the east coast of the US. Best, Bansah1.

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We’ve had a couple of really nice, warm, sunny days but a Texas front is coming, bringing lots of rain from late tonight through to Saturday morning. Quack, quack.
Take care and get well soon
I’ve been lucky so far not to have gotten a stomach flu that’s been going around LATELY…pretty late in the year for this.

These storms are really causing damage in the southern states of the US. I think we had more windy days here. We will need a wind tunnel to generate electricity.

True, I have done my best to stay healthy and away from all the bugs going around. We shall overcome all our problems. One day at a time. Bansah1

Hi @Bansah1
I read how you don’t like getting sick. Who does?
I have FOGS
Maybe you do to……
Fear of getting sick.!!
I made that up-like fear of missing out FOMO
I hope you get a laugh from this.


I get cramps like that. Horrible. I now take 2 magnesium tablets a day and electrolytes. Although I need to find a cheaper version.
Feeling pretty good and no more cramps.
So painful. A few times
I’ve woken in the middle of the night with my big toe pointing down in a cramped. I had to use all my strength to bend it back to normal. I actually thought I would break the bone.

The wait has been so long.

I occasionally have lower abdominal pain, though mild.
I’m not using any medication, though they told me that if I present any symptoms, I should go for a checkup.
At the moment I’m just waiting to see a hepatologist next month.
I’m in Kingston Ontario

Hahaha, you are right. Nobody likes getting sick. But I hate feeling sick. I do my best to avoid getting sick. We have to come up with a better word/phrase since it’s not about fear lol. IHGS: I hate getting sick. What do you think?

I think FOMO is more for millilenials and gen Z’s. I am not bothered by that at all. I don’t do much to begin with so there is nothing I will be missing out on lol. We need to laugh and smile more no matter the situation.

I hope you are doing well. Thanks, Bansah1