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I trust everyone is doing well. My wife was diagnosed of hipB on delivery last year.l we got the baby vaccinated. we did the viral load of my wife and it was around 1006. we were advised to did regular checks so that my wife will stay healthy. we had our second Born just this Thursday. l have big issue l would like to share with HepB community, l would like to find our if there is any assistance l will get from HepB community which anable me to have a regular check on my wife status and also put her on a drug l read on this page which will help reduce the viral load of my wife. At the moment my finance is not good take care of the family and also do a regular check up of my wife and put her on drug. Please if there is any organization which provide assistance on those who need assistance l would be very happy you connect me to them .This my contact; Thank you

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Dear @Ampomah,

Thank you for sharing your experiences and congratulations on your second born. I’m sorry to hear about your financial situation. I see that you are from Ghana, so it may be best to contact groups near you that are best placed to support you. Maybe you can reach out to the Hepatitis Foundation of Ghana -


Thank you very much for your concern. Yes l am from Ghana, please the truth is from our part of the world it might be there may be assistance for the needy but when you approach them they may have their preference, so the actual people in need will not get the needed assistance. All in all l have email the Ghanaian community will give you the feedback.Thank you


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I trust you are doing well. Please l made enquiries in Ghana. They said they do not provide assistance to the needy but at relatively a reduce cost they provide. But the fact is l can not afford that cost together with the upkeep of my family. Thank you


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Hi all,

I am new in this forum, hope to learn from eachother, share information and tips.
I discovered I had HepB I think 14 years ago, now I am 44. I got infected from birth, we didn’t know it untill I applied for a job and bloodtest was necessary, well this was a shock, otherwise we would have never known.
Propably my mother got infected somewhere during childhood, she don’t know where she got infected, propably dirty needles injection medical during childhood for she was never sexual promiscious.

I just found out my self im 41 years old my mom is negative but she has antibodys for it an she doesn’t remember ever getting a shot for it she’s from Korea she came here 1977 I was born in 1980 my brother was born year and a half later he doesn’t have it but I do I think I got it from somewhere but not my mom but yeah you came to the right place everyone on here is super cool and they will get back to you and talk to you and give you really good advice🙏

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At the time 44 years ago, I think HepB vaccination wasnt common thing to do and pregnant woman don’t get tested for Hepb, that’s why I got infected at birth.

Yeah your probably right. This stuff can get so confusing I’ve been reading about a lot of stuff ever since I’ve been diagnosed my doctor just did it a couple weeks ago just to see and there it was I’ve been trying to cope with it and understand it but since I found this platform here it help me very much and beyond I haven’t started any treatment yet just monitoring so far Every six months I’ll try not to stress that much a lot of my new friends on here tell me the same thing just be calm and relax eat good diet sleep good an exercise

Yes adopt healthy lifestyle so no smoking, no drinking alcohol, eat healthy, exercise etc

Yes, my mother propably got infected by this, because no one in her family has hepb, my mother passed it to me, because hepb was not widely known yet in the 70ties.

Welcome @hepb1 ,

Thanks for sharing your experiences and sounds like you have made a good foundation with your lifestyle choices!

I hope you can find the support you need from our community. As @eddie has mentioned, there are many here who have experienced what you have and empathise with your situation.


Hi all,
I am jay from India I am 27y male . I got to know that i have chronic hep b infection from a blood bank to which i donated my blood without knowing that i was infected and they suggested for further tests .I was really devastated by hearing that i never heard of it i am completely unaware of what it was . I find it really difficult to be around with people i love in fear of me infecting them too . I avoided relationships even before they started in fear of getting avoided by them after knowing my health condition i have no hope .i got my tests done and my viral load is under the limits and in nonreactive stage so i wasn’t given any medication yet .By reading all your posts i got some hope thank you all.Hope they find the cure soon .


Hi to all I was diagnosed with hepatitis B on July 2021 was not feeling good went for a check-up, blood was drawn send to lap results came back I was hepatitis B positive am a 26 years old African American man leaving in Los Angeles before my results I didn’t even know what is hepatitis b never had of it I didn’t even know there a vaccine for it. I was born in Africa came to America at a young age when I was 13 I never had any symptoms mother was never diagnosed for it my father never had it.
My viral load was 3,330 Iu/Ml ever since the diagnose I have been depressed wondering why me what do I do to deserve this. Did I catch it having sex or in the play grown using some else tooth brush razor having all these emotions going throw my mind, two weeks ago went for a Fibrosis scan results came back I have F2 fibrosis doctor started me on Entecavir 0.5 MG am praying to god things don’t get worst here in America you have to have money for medical issues so far the state had me covered with the bills? I haven’t told my poor mother yet about my issues she is still in Africa am the breadwinner am her only hope this news will kill her if she finds out. Thanks to Thomas I found about about the community throw a podcast he did

Keep me in your prayers.


Welcome to hepbcommunity jay_jain,

As you may have read on here, many people can get quite distraught when they first discover they have hbv. On top of that, dealing with stigma over it or fearing spreading the virus doesn’t help us deal with it any better.

I am glad that you have found support here by reading what others have shared. You have taken a good first step by reading what others have posted and you can see that so many people that have had CHB for many many years are able to live a good life. There is a lot of information and a lot of advice to read about on these forums. I hope you continue to read through the posts and feel free to chime in where you feel inclined to do so.



Am a new member from Kenya (East Africa) and very excited to read your work. Thanks alot

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Hi Kinoti,

Just wanted to say welcome to the community! Take a look around the forums; there is a lot of information to absorb. If you have any particular questions, then try to find a good topic heading and go ahead and post any questions or comments if you have them.

I hope you will find further support from hepbcommunity,


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Thanks alot for your warm welcome. Am excited to join this community.