How to monitor for liver cancer?


How to check the risk of the HCC ? Is it through the Alpha-feto-protein test

Surveillance of HCC is based on liver ultrasound every 6 month with or without AFP (according to different guidelines, but I would suggest with) in patients with cirrhosis of without cirrhosis but at risk of HCC

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What they will see in ultrasound like inflammation or tumor or enlarged size? Sorry i am not a medical person

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Hi Suresh I will say all of that you mentioned, anything unusual going on in the liver. But you need to have blood tests as well for anything irregular .


Yes, ultrasound can detect these things, but for liver cancer risk it is most useful in showing if there are areas of different density. Basically, a lump in your liver would show up as a different coloured spot with ultrasound. A lump could be different things (cyst, benign mass, tumour, pre-cancer, etc.), so more testing would usually be required to see if a lump is a cancer. But, an ultrasound is a quick, easy, and painless way of trying to find out who might be at risk of cancer.

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As you from the EU, where bulevirtide has been approved, if have you prescribed then please share your experience.