High viral load, being intimate, vaccinated person


Let’s say your viral load is high, can you be intimate with someone who is vaccinated against hepb ? Will the vaccine provide enough protection ? Or should you try to get viral load down with antiviral meds first ?


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You’d have to start an oral med in order to reduce the viral load. Then the treatment becomes life long. It would be not ideal to start the med. I would think that if the partner is vaccinated against hepb, it should be ok. You might want to double check with the specialist though.

In general, if the partner’s antibody levels are higher than 10 IU/mL, then they are well protected and the risk of infection is very low-negligible. The vaccination does provide enough protection and there are many on the forum who have not been on treatment but still have had children with HBV-negative partners without transmission.


So they should measure antibody levels after vaccination before intimacy ?

Yes, but I can understand if this approach is not the easiest for all contexts. Use of condoms will also help significantly reduce transmission risk.