High b12 help needed

Glad to be here and thanks for this forum. I was diagnosed few years ago. I was having left abdominal pain that goes and comes which prompted colonoscopy,ct scan abdominal and urogram. All came back normal. After all the tests I was diagnosed with ibs. So I have been on probiotic and stomach relaxant drug,which I took for like 2 months. I also started treatment 5 months now for hepb with 7124 iu/ml viral load normal lft. Placed on tdf,but I noticed weight loss and itching,could this be from tdf?all these didn’t happen before commencement of tdf and lft was normal too before tdf but recent lft showed slightly elevated alt of 42 borderline 40.
Ultrasound,fbc, (these done in February afp,cea and calprotectin in normal range too) as well as kidney egfr 125. Hepatologist performed fibroscan for me about two weeks ago,with 4.6kpa, said no problem and also ordered vitd3 and b12 assay test.
Vitd3 18 ng/ml
B12. >1476. Range. >138

Still waiting to hear from the dr.but what could be the cause of high b12,I am eating well. I don’t smoke nor drink. Checking online I saw several bad things about high b12. After 3 months of using tdf viral load is undetectable…

Median stiffness 4.6 kpa
Iqr 1.4 kpa
Iqr/med 30 percent
Valid measures 20
Invalid 4
Success rate 83 percent

Total bilirubin 7 umol/L range 3 to 26
Direct bilirubin 3 umol/L 2 to 7
Total protein 72 g/l 60 to 80
Albumin 49 g/l 35 to 50
Alt 42 iu/l >40 H
Ast 30 iu/l 15 to 40
Sgt 53 iu/l 0 to 64

Kidney function test
Sodium 137 mol/l 135 to 150
Potassium 3.4 mol/l 3.5 to 5.1 L
Chloride 103 mol/l 98 to 107
Bicarbonate 25 mol/l 21 to 29
Creatinine 79 mol/l 80 to 115 L
Egfr ckd kpi >89 mil/min

Ph 6.0
Platelet 221

Hepatitis b cab positive
Core value 7.98 s/Co
Hep b surface ag quantity 24280 iu/ml
Hepatitis b sab Non immune
Hepatitis b surface ab value 0.58 miu/ml
Hepatitis b virus dna Undetected iu/ml

I need insight please,thank you

Dear @Davhope ,

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I am really not sure about the high B12. I guess the most obvious question would be are you taking multivitamin supplements (which contain B12)? I haven’t heard of high B12 being linked to Hep B at all, so it might be something unrelated.

I don’t know if some @HealthExperts have an opinion?


Thank you for the response, I am not taking any supplements,but just tdf and livolin currently.what do you think about the fibroscan slightly elevated alt

Hard to say. As mentioned in a previous thread (ALT & AFP - slight elevation), single tests that are slightly elevated don’t mean much in themselves but instead need to be considered as a trend (over time or in conjunction with other altered blood results).

Hope this helps,

Hi Davhope, the fact that you have hep b, your liver is compromised so there will never be a “normal” fibroscan result. The hep b virus causes liver inflammation, which means fibroscans will most likely show elevated or “mild” inflammation. Underlying liver disease (like hep b) can also cause abnormal B12 levels. From what I’ve read, doctors treat the underlying disease, not the high B12 levels. You may want to speak with your doctor about your concern to see if your diet is too high in B12 foods or if there’s anything you should be worried about? And as far as your ALT levels, I’m not sure how old you are, but this value can increase as we age (and put on weight). Hopefully you can write down your questions and speak to your doctors about these concerns. But in general, it’s great that your TDF antiviral has brought your viral load down to undetectable! Thanks for sharing your good questions. Always, Joan

I really appreciate your response and time,I am waiting to hear back from the hepatologist. I am 35years old with bmi 21,but I have been taking livolin with the tdf for sometimes now,on checking the content b12 is there but in a very low quantity,so I am not sure maybe that could be the contributor to the high b12.