ALT & AFP - slight elevation

Good day all,

Just wanted to get your opinion about something.

I recently went for my 6 monthly blood test and ultrascan. Everything on the ultrascan was fine, although about a year ago the ultrascan consultant noticed 2 polyps which have been monitored with no further size increase and smaller than the recommended stance if having them removed.

My bloods, however, came back with a slight elevation on my ALT - 40 (range 0-35) and my AFP - 3 (range 0-10).

Usually my average ALT hovers around the 30 mark (so below the range threshold) and my AFP has been 2 for countless years.

I’m a 40yr old Asian male who’s been on Tenovofir disoproxil Mylan (245 mg) for the past 5+ years and my HBV virus has been UNDETECTED for in as many years.

The liver specialist advised they wanted me to take my next set of blood tests in 3 months as opposed to 6 (so June time).

Should I be worried that 1). My ALT has gone up and is now above the normal range? 2). My AFP has gone up to 3 when it’s been 2 for many years - although still very much in the 0-10 range.

Would a slight increase in ALT or AFP indicate something?


Pete A

Hi Pete, thanks for your message and good questions. Glad to hear that you’ve been on tenofovir for the past 5 years with undetectable viral load. That’s really good news! As far as your slightly elevated ALT levels, there can be variations at any given time due to different factors. Since you mentioned being 40 years old, you could be putting on weight due to a slowing metabolism, which happens as we get older. Additional weight adds extra stress to the liver. Your AFP is still well within the normal range so it could be a variation in the moment, but not a worrisome finding. I’m really glad that your doctor wants to see you in 3 months to follow-up on these test results. I’m sure others will weigh in with their thoughts, but I wanted to provide some reassurance that there will be variations over time as we get older. Thanks again and keep us posted! Always, Joan

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Dear @peteshine_7,

I would agree with @Joan_Block’s assessment. Such small variations shouldn’t be anything to worry about, but good that you’re getting extra monitoring to see if this is an ongoing trend (which is more important to know).


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Yes I agree too.
It is likely nothing to be concerned about, but it is important to monitor closely in case it is the start of an upward trend.
It sounds like your liver specialist is doing all the right things so you should follow their advice.
Best wishes
Mark (Infectious Diseases specialist)

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Many thanks for the advice and reassurance. I will let you all know the outcome when my next blood tests come in. Stay safe and blessings to you all.