Hep B chronic inactive + NAFLD

Hello guys, call me Mike, 38M/ Canada and thanks for let me be part and share with all of you this adventure. It’s everything very fresh for me, just get testé positive for HepB in March 2023, and after I visit the specialist I discover that the HepB is inactive, but they are not able to say nothing about for how long I have this virus. And the bonus was, I also have NAFLD, which looks like is less scared than HepB.

Anyway, this news change my life and keep changing in bad and good way.

The good thing about all this story is that I finally start taking care of myself like never before, 0 white bread, rise, pastry, 0 alcohol, avoid sugar, and go to the gym almost everyday.

The bad side of all of this is my private life, we got married in February this year and I discover all this in March. Also she show support in the begin but after had some reactions against me also thinking I cheated on her, and I got the virus somewhere ecc … anyway is hard to explain or to prove anything.

Im curious to know if any of you had this kind the problem in relationship with your partner and how did you managed and the outcome.

Personally, my instinct tell me to leave, remove her the problem and give myself the chance to take care of myself, because I don’t feel comfortable anymore around her.

Back to my diseases, the specialist is very calm and optimistic, I don’t know what this means, because if is not acute, then the HepB is going to be my life partner lol, for the fatty liver I know can be reversed. I did fibroscan last week and the technician told me I’m F0, less than 6 k*, but I’m waiting to meet my specialist in 2 weeks and get more explanations about all of this.

Moving forward I would like to learn more about nutrition, and how to handle this monster, if is there someone from Canada, please hands up, I really need someone to talk about.

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Dear @mike,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your story. Great to hear that you’ve been able to be supported by a specialist and that you know about your condition before any obvious liver damage has occurred.

Regarding when you were infected, the majority of people with chronic Hepatitis B are infected as babies or children through blood to blood contact. The infection can be asymptomatic for decades, so you may not have known you had it. There are other people who have struggled with similar issues and have discussed it elsewhere: Dealing with the diagnosis in a relationship, Wish I didn't know I was hepb positive before marriage and When/how to disclose hep b in a potential relationship?. I don’t have a specific answer for your situation, but you might find help there.