From Mother to baby transmission

What are the chances of hep b to be transferred from a mother(if she isn’t actively infected) to infant? Is into late if the mom has hep b and baby gets vaccinated 2 days(48 hours) later?

Dear @ZiiTR,

From WHO (Hepatitis: Preventing mother-to-child transmission of the hepatitis B virus):

In the absence of any preventive interventions, the risk of transmission from mother to child ranges from 70% to 90% for mothers with high HBV viral load (or are HBeAg-positive) and from 10% to 40% for those that are HBeAg negative. These high maternal concentrations of HBV DNA (viral load) are associated with an elevated risk of transmission, even among infants who receive the hepatitis B vaccine.

We know that if the mother has anti-HBs, the risk of transmission is EXTREMELY LOW. Vaccination of the infant reduces this risk even more.

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