Fibrosis of the liver

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My name is Lavinia. I have 32 years old. I went to a routine checkup at my gastroenterologist, who told me after an elastography of the liver that I have fibrosis F2. I’m scheduled to fibroscan in December. I don’t know how long I’ve been in F2, it’s the first time I’ve had such a medical investigation done to me. I suppose the disease is older than 14 years. I don’t know when I got infected. I have been vaccinated against hepatitis B for 13 years. Under these conditions, please tell me if fibrosis F2 can be reversed. What changes should I make in my lifestyle? What should I eat? What liver protectors do you use?What do you advise me to do to not reach the F3 phase soon?
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Hi @Lavinia,

One of the most effective ways to prevent progression of your liver disease (and sometimes reverse it) is antiviral therapy. The other ways include a good diet, exercise and sleeping well, so that you don’t put more stress on your liver.

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I don’t think you can reduce fibrosis. If you got the f2 through a blood test, maybe it’s fatty liver and if get on a diet and get rid of some body fat maybe it will show f1 on next blood test.

Fibroscan is the better measure. But I think the liver is measured in multiple places and you get the score on the average of the measurements. F2 isn’t bad. And on blood test you can improve it in blood test. To get the better measurement you probably have to wait.

Hardness could be due to fat in the liver, so start eating less carbs and sugar and exercise. Take vitamin e. Well that’s what my dr recommend.

In blood test I ve went from f2 to f1. So don’t stress


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Hi NeptuneJ,
On elastography it was seen that I was in F2. Elastography is an imaging investigation. I have 40 kg, so I don’t think that’s the problem with the fat index. I have been in regimen for many years . Thank you for your advice.I wish you all the best.