Depression and hep b

Hi all
I am in deep Deprssion from 9 yrs when I know my status CHB
When I m 7 months pregnant and my married life spoiled. Now I m 35 yrs old and still not overcome stigma of disease .

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Dear @dhanshri_chechar,

Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry to hear about how you’re feeling and your situation. Please know that you are not alone here, you will always have people to listen to you and try to understand your problems. We even have some thread on this: How are you doing?: What it means to live with HBV; Stigma and chronic hep b; How have you dealt with discrimination because of your HBV status?.

If you are having problems with depression, it is best to get in-person support wherever you can, whether that be in trusted friends or relatives, advocacy bodies close to you, counsellors, or mental health clinical experts.

Hope you find the support you need,

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Hi! I am 38 years old and a mother to a 4year old girl. I am positive and have my regular doctor visits. I totally understand what you are through, but my doctor always say to me the risk of dying with car accident is more than of dying with hepatitis b, if you follow, I repeat, if you follow up your doctor visits! And the risk of transmitting it to other people is so low if they get vaccine and you have your viral load under control.
Also as I have heard nowadays hepatitis c is somehow curable. Let’s be hopeful to have this wonderful news for our disease too! I am a computer engineer and I can see how fast computers are developing and they can become a great help to scientists and doctors to speed up the progress!

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