Chronic Hep B and dating

Good evening,
I am a 31 year old , Diagnosed with Hep B when I was pregnant with my 2 year old in 2021 . I had lost two of my siblings, to the same , they both developed cirrhosis and didn’t survive that’s when I decided to get tested, at the time no one in my family was aware what hep B is .
We all got tested , my mom negative and am not sure about my dad but my little girl lucky enough didn’t get it .

Am on tenafovir and my recent blood test was undetectable. But I have fear to going back in the dating pool. Fear of rejection mostly. I don’t know how you go about it . When do you disclose that to the person. I have no clue at all . I used to be confident but it’s all gone now . I hear stories of people married to a partner who is not infected, how does that work? How does someone love you beyond this infection? Sometimes I feel doomed in love honestly

Hi @aisha_mlenga,
Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your experience with us. This is a hard issue for most HBV patients regarding how to go about telling your partner about your status and the fear of rejection. There is a discussion about this and I hope you find it helpful since there is no formula for this unfortunately.

Disclosing CHB in Casual Relationships

He kept his HepB status a secret

I hope you find some of these discussions helpful. Best, Bansah1.


Thank you so much for this


Hi Aisha,

I can see you are distressed about your situation but do not be afraid. You are not alone and there is always support for you, especially in this forum.

Read this post by Thomas When/how to disclose hep b in a potential relationship? and Dating with High Viral load
There is great advice on communicating with your partner or potential partner.

As for when to disclose, usually, before you decide to become sexually intimate. But you can talk to them well before that if you feel comfortable with them.

In addition to telling them your diagnosis, you can ask them questions about their knowledge of Hep B such as whether they are aware of the mode of transmission of Hep B and if they are vaccinated against Hep B.

As always, practice prevention methods and take care of yourself physically and mentally. Anyone should see you for your strength and you deserve to live your life without stigma.

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Helloh Sumaya,
Thank you for your encouragement. Really appreciate