Can F2-F3 fibrosis be reversed

can F2-F3 fibrosis be reversed
Time it will take?
Foods to eat?


Dear Suresh,

If the cause of the inflammation is taken away (whether it is HBV replication or fatty liver), then F2 or F3 fibrosis can be reversed over years. I don’t think there are specific foods you can eat to do this, but avoiding highly processed foods will help.


Thanks for fast response.
I have HBV and HDV and being treated with TAF and pegINF.
I am avoid oily foods and eating more fruits/salads.

I think avoiding stress and partaking in exercise, are also helpful. Coffee is good for the liver. In moderation, of course.
How were you tested for F2-F3?

Thanks for your valuable input.
I did 3 different scans in 3 different countries and got readings of 12.9, 9.1, 8.
I don’t know which one is correct.

what was your score
did you manage to reduce it
how long it took you to reduce
hope you doing well

Yes I have had different results too.
Doctor told me it depends on the radiologist. Why I don’t understand!
But have come to accept it. I try to get the same person but that’s not possible anymore as the hospital has a new person every time.
Try not to stress because that isn’t good for your liver🥰 take one day at a time and thank God for medical treatment.


Are you talking about ultra scan or fibroscan?

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dear caraline,
i am talking about the fibroscan