Would like to share My experience, CHB

My nane is, TAV 52 years Olds male Thai , I suspected I got a virus from having sex with A Chinese Girl when I was Traveling for work in China, since 2002-2003, its was tiny little small symptom back then I have observed, Still heavily drinking an alcohol, and the key point is that I took 100mg tablet(zyloric)allopurinol every day for Grout,
I founded HBV Infected test on HbsAg + Positive , on the Beginning of years 2007’s. The Mining site Require Check up,
2008’s I divorce my Full time job from Oxiana’s Mining site in LAOS then back to Thailand and went to see Doctor, but still haven’t got a chance untill 2013’s,
Its seem to me That Liver enzyme are normal, u/s Normal, So ,Still no Treat required yet,
but F/U every 6 Months. everything seem normal as Usual,
Here is the test I carried out, Since 2013’s

27-08-2013=HbsAg +positive HbsAB-0.44Negative SGOT,34 SGPT,45,
06-09-2013=HBV DNA,6800
02-10-2013=HBeAg -Negative,SGOT,30 SGPT,34
06-05-2014=HBV DNA 2596 SGOT,29 SGPT,27
15-01-2019=HBV DNA 877 SGOT,33 SGPT.27
21-01-2020=HBV DNA ,69 SGOT,26 SGPT.,25
2020. =HBV DNA, 65
03-3-2021=HBV DNA,61 SGOT 33 SGPT 26
16-11-2021= HBV DNA,35 SGOT 30 SGPT 27
30-02-2022 = infected Sar-cov2/ No vaccine injected used natural Immune
27-06-2022= HBV DNA,63 SGOT 30SGPT27
Stop using allopurinol drug (Zyloric 100mg)
06-01-2023= HBV DNA,(Not carried out this time) SGOT 34 SGPT 31
07-06-2023=HBV DNA,Nodetect,SGPT27SGPT 29
01-12-2023=HBV DNA,Nodectect SGOT 31 SGPT 27
HbsAg -negative, HbsAB -2.12negative

Note:- I stop using Allopurinol might be a good things This Drug might not be only due to direct B cell suppression but also due to suppression of helper T cell function.
-I am Not take any jab from Covid’s vaccine, Still have a full functional of innate immune
- Lift style Changed, relocated to live up to the north of Thailand ,and I did an exercise running 9-10 km almost every days,
My last Check Couple week ago, HBV DNA,No-dectect SGOT, 31 SGPT,27
HbsAg -negative, HbsAB -2.12negative , AFP 1.09

I think My exercised is key to make a good healthy and fought back a virus,

Hopefully, This Might be helpful


Dear @Thakama,

Great to hear that your HBsAg is negative and your liver enzymes are normal! This is a great prognosis.

Just to follow up:

There is no evidence at all that the COVID vaccine affects anything (better or worse) associated with hep B infection.


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Dear, Thomas

Thanks you for your reply ,
There is no evidence !
Are there any? I am not too sure,
unfortunately My friend , were in trouble
after taking a jab liver enzymes are sharply increase,

Sign not very good wouldn’t it!

Yours sincerely

Welcome @Thakama

Thank you for sharing your story.
I’m impressed with your filing of medical history. It helps doctors make an accurate diagnosis.
I hope you find this forum informative. Have a read at all the different threads. They help in learning to have a healthy liver and lifestyle.
I was confused with all the different information I was getting from the internet and even doctors, until I found this forum.
It’s run by professional medical experts, so the information we receive is fact not like internet.
Any questions are welcomed.

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Thanks you ,
Here is I put together all my test result,

HBV DNA Not Detected (detect Range 10-10S9)
HBV Viral load(Abbott) Log < 1.00 Log
HbeAg -Negative )
Anti-HBe +Positive
SGOT 31 U/L (Normal Range 0-40)
SGPT 27 U/L (Normal Range 0-40)
HBsAg -Negative (Normal Range Negative)
HbsAB -2.12Negative MiU/ML. (MRR<10mIU/mL.Negative, >=10mIU/mL.Positive)
AFP 1.09 ng/mL/ (Normal Range 0-13.4)





Pakinai Isarankura Na Ayudhaya,M.D. Radiolodist.

i think I got Spontaneous Loss of Surface Antigen Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection

According to test Result Above, I would guess that I might probably gain Functional Cure From Chronic Hepatitis B as per describe by Dr. Robert Gish .

"we know people who’ve been vaccinated remain protected by their immune system’s T-cell response and also ‘memory B cells’ even if their surface antibodies decline or become undetectable,” he said.

Bottom line, “immune memory” and antibodies that labs may not be able to identify remain ready to fight infection following vaccination and even after a chronic infection.


Thank you for that information.
Numbers make my head spin😆
There are others on this forum who will help give you a clearer understanding.
@ThomasTu @Bansah1

I read Dr Gish’s report. But I will still continue to get monitored every 6 months.

“According to Dr. Gish, once patients achieve two or three years of consistently undetectable viral load (HBV DNA below 8-12 IU/mL) and HBsAg levels (below 0.05 IU/mL), they do not require frequent monitoring unless they have a history of cirrhosis or signs of liver damage.”


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G’day mate


Thank you for your response,
I will keep lerning from the Membes on at this Hep B community anyway,Especially,will learn from these Gentlemens as per your mention
ThomasTu @Bansah1
in my Case
my Doctor keep continue put me on monitoring
every@6mths which is excellent i love it,
will keep monotoring on Anti-Hbs , SGPT ,SGOT ,Ultrasound Upper abdomen.

By the way, I will keep lerning reading an interesting thread on this forum

Yours sincerely

Hi @Thakama,

This would be consistent with the vaccine actually activating the immune response to clear the virus, as ALT increase means that liver cells are being targeted. In any case, I am not aware of any studies showing consistent responses to the COVID vaccine with respect to liver enzymes or virus markers. I myself have had 5 shots and haven’t really had any obvious effects on my liver health.

Nevertheless, congratulations on clearing HBsAg and great that you are maintaining monitoring to be safe.


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