Worried about my hep B status


My name is Castro.

Thank you all for your good works in support of humanity.

Please I am a Ghanaian resident in Ghana. I have been diagnosed 3 years ago and have been on treatment for the past one year. I realized that since I started the treatment, my liver enzymes have dropped to normal. Now my viral load even reads < 10.

But the worrying factor is, all of a sudden my liver enzymes just started shooting up abnormally. My checks for the past 2 months indicate a sharp increase which is alarming. Unfortunately I don’t have access to any hepatologist here in Ghana to assist me. I please need your support to explain what might be wrong and what I can possibly do to bring it back to normal. Will also appreciate if anyone can link me to a specialist here in Ghana.

Thank you.

Hi @kanabo,
Sorry to hear about this. Concerning the liver enzymes results, they are not going to stay static so expert to see fluctuations from time to time. This is expected and most of us do see this including myself. It is important that your other results are normal. You can contact the Hepatitis Foundation of Ghana I think they might be able to help you with finding a hepatologist. They have helped me with others in the past. Best, Bansah1.

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Hi Bansah 1,
Please thank you for your swift response to my concern. I am so grateful.
Thank you

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Hi @kanabo,

It is difficult to give any feedback without the actual numbers. If your ALT levels are still within the normal range, there may be no need to panic at all. There are also many causes of increasing ALTs besides HBV. It is best to talk to your doctor about potential causes as they can do the appropriate tests and physical examinations.