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Dear all,

I don’t know about you, but wordle has taken over my family’s chat group. I wanted to start a thread to see if anyone wanted to share their results and talk about strategies, etc.


P.S. my results today below

Wordle 223 3/6*


Hi Thomas,
What is Wordle?

Dear @Bansah1,

Sorry, you’re right, I haven’t even explained what it is! It had taken over our lives so much that I didn’t even think to do so.

Wordle is a word-guessing game. Each day, you are given 6 tries to guess a single 5-letter word. The word is the same for everyone on that day. The strategy comes in where each of your guesses provide clues: grey squares represent letters that are not contained in the final word; yellow squares are contained in the final word but are in the wrong spot; green squares are correct letters in the right spot.

It can be played here: Wordle - A daily word game

It has become so popular that Google currently has its doodle paying homage to it! Millions of people have started playing it for some reason…

Here’s some background on it at Cnet: Wordle explained: Everything you need to know - CNET


My results today:

Wordle 225 4/6*


And my results to date:

My wife plays that all the time. I am not so good. Lol

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Oh cool. Sound interesting, I will check it out. Thanks

Now bought by the New York Times! Wordle has been acquired by the New York Times, and it may not remain free to play much longer - ABC News