Will tenovofir stop working?


Has there been cases tenofovir stop working to decrease viral load ? What is the propability ? 5% ?


Hi hebp1
There are always worries in people on long term medication whether that treatment will one day stop working. If you’re on TDF, I would advise you to continue treatment and monitoring has its a general rule incase it stops working well for you, your doctor will always give an alternative. Remember, there are negligible instances will TFT has caused kidney toxicity, loss of bone density or drug resistance.
I have been on TDF for five years and all is well.

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Hi all,

By “stop working”, I presume you are referring to failure of tenofovir’s primary mode of action, ie, stopping HBV from replicating. That occurs by development of a resistant strain of HBV in a person. That can happen, but it is extraordinarily rare, with only a small handful of confirmed cases of primary tenofovir resistance reported in the entire world. More often patients have to shift away from tenofovir due to side effects. That is still rather rare, but is not unusual. I don’t know the frequency of people having to shift from TDF to some other drug. Fortunately, other good options include TAF (another form of tenofovir) and entecavir. All 3 are really good drugs with excellent safety profiles.

I hope this helps.

John Tavis