Why my fibroscan result is increasing?

Hello all.how are you?as i told you before it has been more than a year since i know i am hep b from childhood(probabaly) (on the topic" am on the resque of hcc"). Your support made me face my condition.
It has been more than 10 months since i ve started TAF and being vegeterian. Yet my fibro scan kept increasing from 4.5, and now 6.6 (i know its stil mild). But what do you think while i am on meds and doing my best mr. liver is not improving?pls share with me.
Also since last week TAF is not avaliable in ethiopia and our doctors suggested to take to TDF until TAF is accesble.what would be the side effects?

p.s i am thinking of starting hep B support group here in ethiopia so that we could support and force the concerned stakeholders to give a focus.at least if not for us,it would be for the coming generation …does any one can assist with this process

Thanks a lot

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Btw all my LFT r good

Hi @Breman,

Thanks for your question. To answer your questions:

  1. Being vegetarian may not necessarily prevent fatty liver, which could also increase liver damage. This should be considered if the fibroscan keeps going up to higher abnormal levels.

  2. Most people on TDF do not experience side-effects (myself included).

  3. Happy for you to start a thread on this forum for people in Ethiopia.

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Only thing I can think of is exercise more.
Otherwise you seem to be doing all the right things. Well done. It’s not easy making all the changes.
The support group in Ethiopia sounds like a great idea.

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