Why HBV DNA and HbsAg count

So when you’re diagnosed with hepatitis B do you go through all those phases to where you at now or you just have one when you’re diagnosed and that’s what it’s always been at since you had it?

People will generally go through the phases sequentially over the course of their lives.


I see there’s no telling it seems how long you stay in those phases so maybe eventually I’ll have to be treated it seems

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Dear @Eddie,

The key word in your latest post is “maybe”. Some people progress and need therapy, others do not because hepatitis B is a really complex disease. Some of the rules for who will progress and need treatment and who is relatively unlikely to do so are known, but not all of them. I urge you to follow the monitoring plan established by your doctor. Also note that the treatment recommendations for HBV are very likely to start changing over the next few years (5 years? 8? 10? nobody knows because the pace of drug development cannot be predicted). Therefore, keep asking a lot of questions here and with your doctor!

John Tavis

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