Why do we need a Hepatitis B cure? What are the benefits for patients? - HBV Cure FAQs

This is part of the new video series - HBV Cure FAQs: All you need to know to understand HBV research.

The HBV Cure FAQs are a new tool aimed at empowering the community by equipping them with the knowledge needed to understand research for a Hepatitis B (HBV) cure that is taking place for their benefit. It is a collection of short videos answering key questions relating to HBV cure research.

It is a product of an international consortium of organizations and expert institutions working in and around hepatitis B. The organizations involved are ICE-HBV, Hepatitis B Foundation, World Hepatitis Alliance, HepBCommunity.org, Australian Centre for Hepatitis Virology, TherVacB, IP-cureB, and the Canadian HBV Network.

In this video, World Hepatitis President Danjuma Adda answers the question: Why do we need a Hepatitis B cure?

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