Why 5% of adults will not clear hbv

I don’t know where will this question fits,so i just wrote in new topic.
What’s is the reason some of very healthy adults couldn’t clear off the virus during the early phase.
Is it because of poor diet,alcohol&cigarettes use not knowing that they have the virus.

That is a very good question. It would be interesting to know how that 5% was determined in the first place. As far as I understand there is no way to find out when someone was infected, whether as a child or adult. Since the course of the disease can be completely symptom-free, I assume that the 5% refers only to people who had symptoms and went from acute hepatitis to chronical. This would actually mean that this number has no real significance. It could be that there are many more people than just these 5% who have successfully fought off the virus. Maybe one of the @HealthExperts can say something about this 5%.

Hi 12345678,
Is your question about the 5-10% adults who are unable to clear their infection when exposed? I can think of why 90% of children exposed at childhood develop chronic infection (because their immunity is not fully effective at fighting tough viruses like hepatitis B). But with adults I can’t think of anything. I will guess that the immune system might have some role in that situation probably more than ones diet. I stand corrected on this though. Great question. Bright.

Indeed, this is a good question and I don’t think anyone really knows why.

A lot of research is still going on in this space and it’s really important too. Most likely it’s something to do the the person’s immune system, so if we can find out what are the important factors in clearing the virus, then we can possibly harness it to develop a HBV cure.


If the question is why 5% of the adult patients hospitalized for an acute hepatitis B do not clear HBV within the first 12 to 24 weeks, the answer is basically unknown. However, the proportion is much less than 5%, less than 1%, if we consdier only immunocompetent, hospitalized adult subjects. By contrast, the probaility of becomeing a chronic HBV carrier is unknown if we consider acute HBV infection without hospitalization and without jaundice and without elevated ALT levels

The reason why i am asking is i was diagnosed in 2021 sept, probably i was expose in the late 2019&2020 at the ages of 28/29.A year before that i was negative for hbv,I did a medical test in 2019 as per my job requirement that included hbv&hiv all negative. I am a very fit and healthy adult who never use to get sick,i haven’t been in my life admitted to hospital for sick. Since i was daignose in 2021 everday i ask myself why i can’t clear this virus from my body. Why am i among the unlucky 5% of adults who cant clear.I never had any symptoms before or even a slight clue of hbv even till now. I use to smoke and drink beer those days before i was daignose, so i was just wondering did those bad stuff compromise my immune system.
Also in 2019 i had many vaccine since i was travelling abroad that year. I had yellow fever vacs,mmr and hepatitis A, but unfortunately not hep b vaccine, thus all this vaccine also weakened the immune systems. Otherwise i am a very healthy adult.
Thank you to the experts and members for participating in my question.

Again, I believe the science is still unclear. I don’t think anyone can be sure about what had led to your chronic infection and whether the factors you mention had anything to do with it at all.

It is almost certainly not due to the other vaccinations, which are more likely to boost your immune system rather than weaken them.

In the end, it’s not worthwhile to blame yourself as you did not know about these things before. It’s a tough world already and we all should be kind, especially to oneself.


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I gotten the hepatitis A vaccine few years ago. Probably 2 to 3 years of finding out about my hepatitis B. I found out I had hep b over the phone at work, which sucked. Had no idea what it was beforehand. I am most definitely sure the hospitals in Korea probably reused needles. I was in the hospital after a car accident and remember getting IVs. Also remember they use to re use the syringe needles. Just would change out the needle part. Anyways.

With hep A vaccine, I was ok afterwards.

The best study was published by Seef LB et al looking at US soldiers infected from contaminated yellow fever vaccine and in fact the risk in adults is much much lower (<1%). So many experts also do not believe this 5% of adults become chronically infected.

“Natural history study of US soldiers infected with contaminated Yellow Fever Vaccine. Seef LB, NEJM 1987.” A serologic follow-up of the 1942 epidemic of post-vaccination hepatitis in United States Army personnel (affected ~50,000 with icteric hepatitis). Only 0.26% developed chronic HBsAg positive carrier.

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