Wht i do with my biopsy report?

I colleague
I am sorry I received my biopsy results.
They read poorly diferenciated carcinoma, liver.
The pathologist recommends for IHC to make a definitive opinion.
I have been taking a drug with TDF/3TC/dolutegravir. I have been treated severally for allergy and rash. Recently I have learnt that dolutegravir has serious effects on the liver and allergic reaction. I have withdrawn from dolutegravir and the rash and ellergies are gone. I have some feeling that this drug might have brought me here or I am misdiagnosed remembering that I am up and strong.
Yes I am waiting for IHC, but can I have some inputs more so on dolutegravir and second opinions.

Dear kinoti,

I’m so sorry to hear about these results. I feel like anything I say here is insufficient, but want to offer for you to call me if you need someone to talk to. Please private message me if you like.

I will keep you in my thoughts and wish you all the strength for you and your family during these difficult times. I am sure the community here will support you wholeheartedly, as you have supported them.

I am not familiar enough with these drugs to be able to give an appropriate opinion. Perhaps one of our @HealthExperts can comment.

I believe the IHC will be trying to work out if the tumour is liver cancer, another liver abnormality, or a tumour from another site that has seeded in the liver. There may be different options depending on which of these it is.

Yours sincerely,

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Hi @Thomas,
I sincerely thank you for your input. Remember I am committed to make my state benefit humanity and more so members of our community. Of note is also the fact that I am hbeg negative and undetected viral load until as I write.
I definitely desire to have some brotherly chat with you. I will so immediately I manage to get your private email. I will appreciate if you initiate private conversation to give me in easy way.
My phone number is 0722695461 and I remain open for talks with anybody and everyone wishing to do so.
Don’t be surprised that I paid for my samples to go to an Indian hospital for analysis. Not because I wanted but it was the only availability approach.
I have noted we have a big time difference between us and Australia.


Hiii @Kinoti
Much love from Tz, I pray for you .
Currently you can switch from TLD -TRUVADA.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, please, stay strong.

Still healing the wounds of liver resection and still hopitalised


Wishing you the very best @Kinoti