Which specialty is more appropriate for management of chronic HBV?

My partner is seeing gastro for management of HBV. From my limited knowledge, I thought hepatology was recommended. What are pros and cons of these specialties, in terms of management of HBV? What would you recommend?

Dear @DBuddha ,

A gastroenterologist will also have expertise in liver diseases and their treatment. However in many jurisdictions, hepatologists receive additional training focusing on the liver, gall bladder, pancreas and bile ducts.

While you may have abetter chance to have access to experimental therapies (through clinical trials) with a hepatologist, basic care for your HBV infection with approved medications will also be well managed by a gastroenterologist.

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Dear @DBuddha,

I agree with what @availlant mentions, and would also direct you to this thread describing the different staff involved in HBV care and research - EXPLAINER: Clinical experts involved in care


Thank you very much @availlant and @ThomasTu.

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