What is the best brand of Tenofovir

I was diagnosed with Chronic Hepatitis B two years ago, and my doctor advised me to take Tenofovir. Since then I always get terrible side effects such as internal chronic pain, intense fatigue, a blocked nose, and a loss of appetite. My life has been a living misery for the last few years I started taking Tenofovir. When I chew ginger, I noticed the continuous discomfort from within disappears for very few hours. I’m surprised to learn that Tenofovir has no harmful side effects on people here. Also, I’ve observed that different brands of Tenofovir have distinct side effects. The side effects of the brand I’m currently taking (Tenofovir Heumann) isn’t as bad as the previous one. Please tell me what brand of Tenofovir you’re using so that I can start taking it as well. I live in Germany. Thank you very much.

Dear Teill,

While there are sometimes very minor differences in the inactive components of TDF tablets (cellulose, starch and other binders - all VERY safe) which are included to assist in the tablet manufacture, the dosage and composition of the tenofovir disoproxil fumarate are identical. As such the efficacy of all generic forms of TDF are equivalent to the brand name (Viread).

You may be one of the rare individuals in which the side effects you are experiencing are actually from the TDF. This can vary highly between individuals.

I would caution you to use polling of other individuals as a means searching for a generic version of TDF which may or may not help with the side effects you are feeling.

Instead, try taking your TDF either during or just after a meal and perhaps with dinner instead of breakfast. This will not effect the activity of the drug but may help with your side effects.

Best regards,

Thank you very much availlant. I’m very sure the side effect of each Tenofovir brands varies greatly, as I’ve been taking different brands since I was diagnosed. When I go to the pharmacy they always give me different brands. The one I’m now taking had little side effects, but all of a sudden the pains returned. I believe it is critical for me to know the best brand so that I may help myself and also be able to work.

Is it okay if I take Tenofovir at night? Most doctors in Germany advise me to take it first thing in the morning after my breakfast and at the same time. Should I try taking it at night, and will I be able to sleep if I do?

And what do you think I can do to all these pains? I tell you I need help as the pains are just too much.

Dear Teill,

Actually, there are not really any significant differences between the side effects of different generic versions of TDF. However, there are always a small population of individuals who react differently to the inactive components of the TDF pill. Unfortunately you seem to be one of these people.

One thing is for certain, you should always take the same generic version of TDF which is best tolerated for you. If your pharmacy has switched the generic version they carry, ask them to get the one that you tolerated better. Or perhaps transfer your prescription to a pharmacy which carries this particular version.

I am sorry to hear about your side effects you are having. The fact that they are eased by chewing ginger seems to suggest that they are indeed gastrointestinal in nature but the blocked nose and intense fatigue could also indicate an allergic reaction to one of the components of the pill. I can only suggest the following:

  1. Try taking your TDF with a meal.
  2. You can try to take it at dinner instead of breakfast. It does not really matter for the activity of these drug when you take it during the day, only that you take it at the same time each day.
  3. Since these side effects are really bothering you and are chronic, you should discuss this with your doctor.

Do not hesitate with further questions.

Best regards,

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Thank you very much for your response. But how will I know which one is best for me? I’m just glad he ordered this brand for me. And when you said at the same time, can I take it two hours earlier or two hours later, or it must be the same time because I don’t always take it at the same time?

I have this very chronic pain around 8p.m when I’m tired at work. do you have that pain when you’re tired as well? I need to sleep before it leaves.

Unfortunately, I can’t visit my doctors for another 6 months. But how can the doctor possibly assist? I only need to know which tenofovir brand is best for me. I’m confident that will solve all of the issues.