What is amount of HBsAg loss per year on TAF

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I just received my first HBsAg quantitative report. It’s in thousands. Does anybody able to reduce the HBsAg quantitative count. Does anyone able to lower it with vitamins and diet. What amount of HBsAg decrease per year with TAF and TDF.

Hi @HopeForCure,

Reducing HBsAg is the main topic of scientific research at the moment. At the moment, we have some promising drugs that do this, but they are all still in trials right now. The amount that HBsAg decreases per year on antiviral treatment varies a lot from patient to patient, but most do not change very much.

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Hi Thomas

Thank you for information. That is disappointing. I thought once HBV DNA is under control. Antiviral will help to reduce HBsAg in some amount per year. I read somewhere that TDF helps to reduce it by 16% per year. Is it ture?

Unfortunately not. HBsAg loss is quite rare. For example, this study of ~500 patients shows that only 1 lost HBsAg after 5 years of TDF treatment: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12072-019-09943-6

There may be some sub-populations that may show reduction, but functionally it doesn’t mean much.