What do HBV scientists want to know?

I note that we have a lot of @ScienceExperts on the forum, but don’t hear much from them. I do recognise that a big factor in it might be intimidation because you don’t necessarily have a clinical background and don’t want to give the wrong impression/information.

Thus, I am opening up this thread to gather questions the scientific community has for the affected community. I think this is an opportunity to start these conversations and hopefully the community will be happy to answer your questions in this safe space.

So, @ScienceExperts, what do you want to know?

P.S. Feel free to also correct me on why you might be reluctant to join in on forum conversations.


Hi everyone
I read what @Thomas has written about the contribution and participation of our health experts. Iam in recond for such complain in the past and cannot agree with Thomas more.

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