What are the side effects of taking tenofovir

I have been living with hep b since infaancy in Africa. I recently came to canada but cannot go to the hospital because i haven’t startedy studies.i was using lamivudine in Africa and it got finished so i imported tenofovir from Africa.
Immei started taking the drug, i lost appetite, i feel like vomiting all the time, tiredness headache.

Has anyone experienced these symptoms when taking tenofovir

Hi @Gipsy,

Tenofovir is very safe in the very large majority of patients. I am concerned that these side effects started right after taking Tenofovir imported (presumably sent to you personally as the US FDA does not allow this in the vast majority of situations). This is just a rare coincidence and the symptoms are from something else, you have an extremely rare reaction to tenoforvir, or you may have a contaminated batch of drug. I recommend seeing a doctor ASAP.


Okay thank you for your response. Getting a hepatologist in Canada is extremely difficult and im new in Canada

Hi @Gipsy,

In addition to the suggestions from Professor Tavis, it might be worth contacting some advocacy bodies in Canada to see if they can link you up with some help with regards to a specialist.

Here is a list of organisations that may be able to help: Member listings - World Hepatitis Alliance

There are also some forum members from Canada who could also provide their perspective.


Thank you for your assistance.

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I tried to connect with them all but no response. I have no health insurance too.i have to attempt withdrawal.

Hi @Gipsy,
If you are still not feeling well just go to the nearest hospital even if you do not have insurance and they can help and guide you figure things out. I don’t know how things work in Canada, but here in the US no hospital will turn you away because you have no insurance or cannot afford the treatment. It is not like back home where one has to pay before any care is provided. Find and go to nearest hospital if you are still feeling sick. Thanks, Bansah1.

Gipsy can you tell us in which city in Canada you live in?

I live in Ontario Brampton

I will try my luck going to the hospital

Dear @Gipsy,

You are not far from Toronto. If you are having a problem getting access to care and or medication in Brampton, I recommend calling the Francis Family Liver Clinic at the Toronto Center for Liver Disease.

This is a large Center for Excellence for the treatment of viral hepatitis (and HBV). Explain to them your situation and see if they can help suggest some resources for you.

Good luck!


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Okay thank you so much.


It does take a while to connect with a Hepatologist in Canada, but once you do, there will be options available to you to cover a percentage of the cost of medication if you do not have medical coverage from employment.

If you can’t get help from the resources listed above, you need to find a primary care doctor within your community and asked to be referred to a specialist once your HBV status is confirmed. Hospitals in Canada usually only offer urgent, temporary care, and will not provide long term care unless it’s for life threatening conditions or conditions that could pose a great risk to the general public. Our medical system in larger cities are overwhelmed, it’s a bit better in rural communities that still have operational hospitals but they won’t have resident specialist.

Take care.

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Thanks for the information.

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