Virtual Meetup - October, 2023

Hello everyone,

It’s time to vote on the date and time for this month’s virtual meetup on the Doodle poll:

This meetup’s topic is: ‘What to eat and what not to eat’ when you have chronic hepatitis B

If you have any particular questions you would like answered, you can post responses to this topic so that we can be more prepared for those specific questions.

Tips for the Doodle poll:

  • Please be sure to use the same username from hepbcommunity when you vote on the poll. This way we know who to send the Zoom meeting invites to once the poll has closed.
  • Please create a user account on Doodle (if you haven’t already) and then set your time zone in the settings for your account. This way, there will be no mistaking of time zone differences when you vote.
  • When you register for Doodle, use an email address that you use regularly. This will add an extra layer of certainty that you will receive notification about the results of the poll.

Hope to see you at the meetup!


I voted! Would love to join :slight_smile:

If i cant make it, is someone recording it so we other can see it after?

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Hi @nick0912,

Your question will have to be answered by @Mylisa as I don’t have the resources to do so.

Also… I wanted to let you know that if you voted, it did not show up on the poll. I currently only have 2 votes showing and neither is you.

Maybe try creating an account and voting again? Hopefully it will work, it would be great to have you in attendance.


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Hi Nick,
To answer your question, it would be possible to record the virtual meet up but that can only be done if everyone who attends the meeting agrees to be recorded.


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Hi @ Mylisa, I was unable to cast my vote due to technical fault of the website

Hi @Agibaby,

Just wanted to let you know that your vote has been counted on the poll.


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Thank you@ puallyHBV.:blush:

Thanks for reply.

I understand that, and that is 100% fair.
It would just be a nice thing for us who cant join.


I already, I would love to talk to you all online too. Hope to see you all soon.


Hi everyone,

For those of you that have voted so far on the poll, the dates have been updated on the poll. There are two dates so far with the most votes. If you have already voted, please check the poll again and keep in mind that one of the days with the most votes will get chosen, and vote again for more dates and times if you are able.

These are the two dates with the most votes thus far:

  • October 19th at 4pm PST (U.S.)
  • October 26th at 4pm PST (U.S.)

If you haven’t voted yet and wish to join the meetup, please use the link at the top and vote.


The following is the information from the doodle poll. This date had the highest amount of votes. If you did not vote on the poll and would still like to attend, send me a PM with your email address so you can be sent the Zoom invite.



HepBCommunity Virtual Meetup - October, 2023

October 19, 2023 • 4-5:30 PM

1 hour 30 minutes


United States, California, Los Angeles (GMT-7)

What to eat and what not to eat when you have hepatitis B.

Will it be zoom and will you post a link in this thread.

Hey NeptuneJ,

It will be on Zoom and I will send an email with the Zoom link to anyone who voted on the doodle poll (as long as their username is close enough for me to find on hepbcommunity) and to anyone that messages me through hepbcommunity letting me know they want to participate.

I will send out an email to you Johnny. If anyone else wants to participate, send me a message on here. I probably won’t send out the email link to the Zoom meet until tomorrow or the next day. (Tuesday or Wednesday U.S.)


Thank you PaullyHBV. Will vote on doodles

Hey NeptuneJ,

The voting is over and the day has already been picked. I was saying that I would send you the email to the Zoom link since you showed interest; unless you don’t want me to.

So you don’t have to do anything but check your email in the next couple of days for the Zoom link.


Will be on the look
Thank you.

Hey NeptuneJ,

Just wanted to note that due to technical difficulties, the invites for the meetup are being sent by @MyLisa. Please keep a lookout for an email from her.

This is a final reminder to anyone else that is interested in the virtual meetup tomorrow. Please message @MyLisa that you would like an invite. Please give her your email address, so she can send you the invite.

Note: I am not sure about all regions of the world, but I think that you can join the meetup through a web browser, I don’t think you even have to have the Zoom app installed.