Virtual Meetup - March, 2023

Hello Everyone,

Here is the Doodle Poll for the March, 2023 Virtual Meetup:


  • It is a good idea to create a Doodle account and then go into your Doodle account profile and set your timezone. This way, you don’t have confusion with converting the times and dates of whomever is hosting the meetup.
  • Be sure that when you vote on the Doodle poll that you use the same username on the poll that you do in here at HepBCommunity. We need to be able to send you the Zoom link once the time and date is chosen. We can’t do that if we can’t associate your Doodle name to your HepBCommunity username.

I be good for any time on weekends. Is this US time or Australia

Hi @NeptuneJ,

I think it’s adjusted to your local timezone, but there should be a globe icon in the left hand side confirming this. As per @PuallyHBV’s tips, it’s best to register and make sure that it is in your timezone every time you log in.


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Will do. Really looking forwards to one of these meet ups

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Hi everyone,

This is just a reminder to anyone that wants to join a virtual meetup and hasn’t voted on the Doodle poll yet (link is above in 1st post).

These virtual meetups is a great way for you to go one step further and meet others within this community on video and voice - a bit more intimate than reading text on the forum. No one that participates in the meetup has to go on video or even speak for that matter if they don’t want to.

You will have a chance to speak to others or even use the text chat. We use Zoom for our virtual meetups. So click on the Doodle link, check the times and dates and vote. There’s only a couple of more days to vote. Hope to see or hear you there.


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Has a date been selected. What time zone will it be scheduled

Hi Everyone,

Based on the majority of votes on the Doodle Poll,
The HepBCommunity March Virtual Meetup will be on:
March 23, 2023 • 5-6:30 PM on Zoom
All times are in: America/Los_Angeles (GMT-7:00)

If anyone wants to participate in the virtual meet-up and did not have a chance to vote on the Doodle poll, then please private message me on here with your email address and I will make sure you receive the email invite for Zoom.


Paul could you message me?

Hay Paul I hope all is well. definitely want to see and talk to you guys it’s been a while. Please let me know what I need to do in order to be at that meeting. Thanks, Paully.:pray: