Viral load undetectable

I did hip B Viral load and it was 1033 and l took the tenafenor for about three months and STOP on a doctor advise that not all Hip B needs to be put on drug.And over a year now l didn’t do any test .
Just last week l did another test and the viral load is undetectable.
But don’t understand am confused.
What is the cause of this.
Please l need your advise on this.


Hi @Ampomah,

I will let one of the experts explain how this is possible. I just wanted to say congratulations though for your current good diagnosis.


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Hi Ampomah
Congratulations for achieving undecteted viral load within such a short time. Point for you to note is that this doesn’t mean you are cured from hepb. Other tests are necessary and the forums experts will weigh in as I am shy in this area.
I am concerned that you stopped medication. This would then mean you require frequent dates with your doctor.

Dear @Ampomah,

Thanks for sharing your details (though please make sure to abide by the rules regarding posting your lab results for your own safety IMPORTANT: Best practice for posting lab results).

There have been several trials regarding stopping treatment in patients after some time on tenofovir or entecavir. In these trials, most people will have their viral load reactivate, though this may take months to years to happen (i.e. the reactivation doesn’t happen straight away). These reactivations can also occur with liver inflammation (sometimes severe).

It is recommended that you stay under monitoring and see your doctor every 3 to 6 months and test to make sure your liver health is OK.

Hope this helps,

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