Viral load get high

Hello everyone

My viral load was very low when i first did the test. As i want to apply for partnership visa for newzeland… i started my process and did my medical for embassy. But now my viral load detect os hight which is 23235 i don’t know how it became so much…within some days…i’m devasted… Knowing that newzeland embassy will reject my visa…our immigration advocate said that he don’t know about anything.
Kindly someone help me…i’m really in tension.

Dear @Surbhitiwari,

This doesn’t necessarily put you in the category of treatment. If your liver function tests are normal, then you still would not be within treatment eligibility criteria.


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Hi sir @ThomasTu let me introduce myself to you. I am elmo from Philippines. A hep B warrior, i plan to go Australia sir for work my medical especially my hep B is reactive, i do sa hbv panel. My hbeag is also reactive, my SGPT is in normal range, my liver ultrasound is normal but i my viral load is about a million iu. My doctor give me tenofovir for 6 months. I just wanna ask if how long i will this kind of medicine? Can i bring it to abroad? Is there a chance i can go to Australia?

Dear @Omel_Penar,

Thanks for your question. As mentioned in other threads (e.g. Hepatitis B and Immigration/visa issues) people with Hepatitis B are still able to bring their medications into Australia and get visas. Generally people take these antivirals for many years/decades (like blood pressure pills, taking them day to day improves our health).

Hope this helps,

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