Vaccitech - HBV002 Study

What do you think about those results ? I know that it concerns mostly people with HBsAg < 100 IU but persistent HBsAg loss (8 months after last dose in 2 people) sounds good.

2 of 55 people cleared hbsag thats about 3-4% so not very exciting, also the 2 people who cleared had a pd1 inhibitor, nobody in the monotherapy group cleared,so thats probably responsible for the hbsag loss/declines.

Good point, there is also ongoing combo study for Jannsen’ drug (siRNA) + nucs + pd1 inhibitor An Efficacy and Safety Study of a Combination of JNJ-73763989, Nucleos(t)Ide Analogs (NA), and a Programmed Cell Death Protein Receptor-1 (PD-1) Inhibitor in Chronic Hepatitis B Participants - Full Text View - and also other study with 1 HBsAg loss Anti-PD-1 blockade with nivolumab with and without therapeutic vaccination for virally suppressed chronic hepatitis B: A pilot study - PubMed. So seems that this inhibitor is valuable addon to the therapies ?