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The therapeutic vaccine HerberNasvac that is in phase III / IV can be a possible cure?

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Hi Luis,

HerberNASVAC (ABX203), was approved for the treatment of chronic HBV infection in Cuba in 2015 following an initial small phase II trial in Asia. In a larger phase III trial, ABX203 was comparable to pegIFN in its ability to reduce serum virema (however less effective than ETV, TDF or TAF). The sustained reduction in viremia that persisted after completing of vaccination series or after pegIFN treatment was similar but no HBsAg loss occurred.

The current clinical data for ABX203 suggests that a lowering of viremia and normalization of ALT may occur in some patients which is the best achievement so far for a therapeutic vaccine for chronic HBV. However, it appears unlikely that ABX203 by itself will be a “cure” for HBV. It may be that this vaccine can work better in combination with other drugs in development.


Thanks for the update, @availlant!

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